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Posted by: ST on October 16, 2008 at 9:36 am

The consensus from most pundits and news outlets I watched/heard/read after last night’s debate both last night and this morning revolve around a theme of Obama being “unruffled” and “steady” and “cool as a cucumber – a frozen cucumber even” under the attacks that came from McCain last night. Some have even suggested that Obama at times took a “conciliatory” tone with McCain in an attempt to “find common ground.”

Maybe it’s just me, but does Obama’s “unruffledness” (is that even a word?) almost come across as robotic and flat? It’s almost like he can’t get passionate about anything, never gets angry, never gets emotional.

That’s exactly the kind of leader we need in the coming years, right? A guy who will meet unconditionally with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmeanawhatever who remains “unruffled” and “conciliatory.” I can see it now: Obama sits across the table from Aheanie, with the cameras recording every eye twitch. Ahmeanie looks Obama in the eye and calls America the “infidel nation” whose alliance with the Jewish nation of Israel is, in his words, “disgraceful” considering Israel to him should be “wiped off the map.” In response, Obama looks at the camera purposefully and says, “Look, we have some strong disagreements but I think we can find some common ground.” Perfect! 8-|

By the way, you’re probably hearing a lot about how many insta-polls have suggested that Obama won with undecided and/or independent voters last night, but one you won’t hear oft repeated by The Usual Suspects is this one, from The Politico. They report that among those they polled, the all-important independent voters gave McCain a 9% edge over Obama:

Voters are closely divided over which presidential candidate won the third and final general election presidential debate, according to an exclusive Politico/InsiderAdvantage nationwide survey of undecided debate-watchers.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said that Obama won the debate, compared to 46 who believed his opponent, Sen. John McCain, came out on top. The three-point gap separating the two candidates was equal to the poll’s margin of error.

Five percent said they were unsure which candidate had the better evening.

Perhaps the best news for McCain is the rating he received from independent voters. Among respondents not identified with either major political party, McCain was judged tonight’s winner, 51-42 percent.

Good to see that at least some independents/undecideds were thinking on their feet last night.

Last but not least, Ed Morrissey calls Obama out on a few whoppers he told last night, specifically on his relationship with Bill Ayers and his stance on the Born Alive Infant Act. That’s another thing Obama’s gotten down pat: The ability to knowingly lie while looking into the camera withough blinking an eye. Hey, he’s done well at fooling a good number of people that way. He did it on a number of other issues last night as well, including his relationship with ACORN.

19 more days.

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13 Responses to “Imagine this”


  1. Jim says:



  2. arcman says:

    I have to admit, he did look cool as a cucumber, but, was it me, or did anyone else notice that his eyes looked afraid? I noticed on two or three occasions that he looked scared and out of his league.

  3. Lorica says:

    never gets angry, never gets emotional.

    Unless of course you have some waffles.

    Of course I agree with you about Barry’s ability to lie to the camera. His ease at this act, comes from many years of pratice. This man is not who he pretends to be, he is who he is hiding under all the bs.

    I don’t believe Barry can win this race. I think Sarah Palin has energized the base enough to give Mac the win. I think that Barry’s continued lying has become very noticable to the voting public, and I pray that after he loses this race, it will be the last time I see him run for office. – Lorica

  4. Joe says:

    It seems to me the criteria for judging these debates keep changing to suit Obama’s performance. If he seems cool, he wins. If he’s aggressive, he wins. This time he wins because he’s “cool”. He was really cool after McCain commented that Obama launched his political career in Bill Ayers’ home, and all Obama could say was “that’s not true”. Real cool, man!

  5. Lorica says:

    watching the right impugn everyone’s patriotism

    Did I miss something here?? When did we impugn everyone’s patriotism?? The only person I am aware of is Barry’s and Biden’s. Also, how has the DoJ used to abuse power?? You mean the 900 FBI files??? Or was it the illegal Travel office firings??? Maybe it was when Rove was shoving documents down his socks from the archives??? Ohhhh I know, it was in the Waco incident, when Bush was at the machine gun of one of those black helicopters firing on those poor people. Or Yeah this must be it, when they kidnapped a cuban boy from his relatives and sent him back to live in the slavery of a communist country. Dog gone it, I just can’t seem to nail it down. How could so many abuses go by and nothing done Skeptical??? This is just crazy!!! – Lorica

  6. Lorica says:

    You know the real funny thing to watch is the depths to which you on the left will go to justify this man. This man has Jimmy Carter’s policies, with Bill Clinton’s ego. Such a dangerous mix, but yet, many on the left, blinded by their BDS, are going to pull the lever for him without even knowing why, except he isn’t Bush.

    It is time for people to stand up and say, this economy is owed by the Pelosi/Reid congress, they did everything possible to weaken it. Our oil troubles are owned by the Democrats and the environment goofballs who want to screech at every moment whenever a new oil well is drilled in this country. Don’t think so, isn’t is amazing how the oil speculators didn’t start buying up the oil supply until after the stupid energy bill passed Congress, but yet somehow in so many people’s minds it is Bush’s fault. Whatever. – Lorica

  7. oops – sorry, Lorica. I deleted the comment you quoted before I realized you responded to it. My bad.

  8. Lorica says:

    Ohhh From Skeptical?? He wasn’t very bright anyway. To try and tell us that Bush used the DoJ illegally is about stupid. Here again you have to wonder if these individuals felt the same way when the Clinton’s did actually use the DoJ and the IRS illegally. You and I both know Dear, that they didn’t and could care less. Well I have the distinct feeling that Barry is going to make Bill look like a piker when it comes to vengence politics, and he will be ruthless. – Lorica

  9. Jeanie says:

    Joy Behar this morning, said McCain was snarky. I didn’t see that. Perhaps I am biased, but I didn’t see that.

    I did however see…Obama, last night, and in previous debates, try and use a technigue, by leaning in a bit, and trying to catch McCains eye, as if to stare him down, and psyche him out. With this creepy grin on his face, as if to say….I’m going to win this, and all these idiots are voting for me, and there’s nothing anyone can do, to stop me.

    It was gross, and so unprofessional. Immature. He’s to much of a baby. I’ve noticed if you try to have an intelligent discussion on message boards, even when you prove your point….you’re then labeled a racist.

    What will Mr. Obama do, when he’s facing leaders of nations from all over the world, and some disagree, and voice it. Will he call them racist as well?

  10. Lorica says:

    Joy Behar called John McCain snarky?? Well she oughta know. Hello pot this is the kettle calling. – Lorica