Obama vs. Fox News


Maybe one day, if he’s elected president, he’ll consult with the Democratic Congress to find a way to make it very very difficult for Fox News to exist.

Sound nuts? Well, on the surface it sounds crazy, but considering what both he and other Democrats have done before to try to – by legal means – shut down or shout down the opposition, the idea really isn’t so “out there.”

Jeff Goldstein responds:

Clearly, Obama is sending a message here, and the implied threat is visible for all those willing to see it: Obama does not brook criticism; and those who slow down “progress” by forcing him to stop and answer to large segments of the population are an inconvenient threat that must be neutralized.

Is there really any doubt that an Obama administration β€” backed by a Democrat supermajority β€” would not rubber stamp high-minded sounding legislation that is, in effect, designed to do nothing more than turn the notion of free speech entirely on its head?

Nope, no doubt from this corner. None at all.

Via Memeorandum.

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