9 thoughts on “Joe Biden makes the case for John McCain

  1. I don’t understand. I have a few questions.

    (1) Haven’t we been told repeatedly that if we elect Obama, everyone in the world will love us?? So how could there be an international crisis to test the Dalai Bama? I’m shocked…who would dare do such a thing? :o

    (2) The most likely confrontations would come from thug regimes like Iran or North Korea or terrorist gangs like Hamas. But they’ve all already endorsed Obama. Why provoke a crisis when they can get him to hand over the keys to the vault over a no-preconditions conference table?

    Of course, if any nation or organization did try to provoke a crisis, we all know that it’s only because he doesn’t look like the other presidents, and has a funny name. He can handle that…he’ll have a halfwitted AP hack call them racists, and maybe Keith Olberman will declare them the worst person in the world for daring to disagree with The One Who Makes The Seas Fall. That’ll do it, I’m sure. </sarcasm>

  2. If Obama wins, I expect Israel to make good on their statement that they are going to bomb Iran. Or since the Olympics are over, and Russia has already proven that you can invade a country and the west will only look at you sternly, I figure China is going to invade Taiwan. JoBama is probably closer to the mark than we realize. – Lorica

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  4. Guess which story is nowhere on the CNN website????

    If you guessed “this one”, then ding, ding, ding, ding, you’re a WINNER!!!!!

    Gosh, I have no idea where the “vast right wing conspiracy” get such paranoid rantings about the media?!?!?!?!

    Joe Biden, you are the gift that keeps on giving, please keep talking!!

  5. The moment he was chosen by The Chosen One, it was predicted that Biden would be a gaffe machine. I wish I had bet on it. Most of his gaffes have been largely ignored by the MSM. We’ll see how long they can ignore this one.

    Last week Joe the Plumber injected new life into the McCain campaign. Now Joe the Senator may have done the same.

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