Flashback: Howard Dean hobnobs with Euro-Socialists

I wrote about this briefly a couple of years ago (scroll here), but Gateway Pundit has an informative post from his archives that discusses more about DNC Chair Howie Dean’s chummy association with prominent European Socialists.

Oh no. Does this post mean I’m a racist? :(

Seriously, since Joe the plumber’s accurate characterization of Obama’s “tax plan” as socialism was heard/seen on video and reported on throughout the country, there’s been a bit of a debate brewing … mostly one-sided, of course, about what socialism actually is. So while we’re in the midst of talking about it, it’s important to know where our political leaders stand on the issue. Not only does Obama appear to be right at home with Socialism-esque policies, but the leader of the DNC has proven himself numerous times that he’s quite comfortable clinking glasses with Socialist “leaders” on foreign soil. Here in the US, he tries to hide it, but to those of us who understand what “redistribution of wealth” means, it’s no secret at all.

But who cares, right? The mainstream media have much more important “facts” to write about, like this “investigative” report with the explosive headline that reads: AP INVESTIGATION: Alaska funded Palin kids’ travel.

Whew! Thank goodness they’re looking out for our best interests!!

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