New polling out of PA suggests that Rep. John “Pork King” Murtha, slanderer of Marines and his fellow Pennsylvanians, may be in trouble:

A new independent poll shows Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) leading his opponent by only five points, just a week after he suggested residents of western Pennsylvania are racist.
Forty-six percent of voters in Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district said they supported Murtha, while 41 percent voiced support for his Republican challenger, retired Army Lt. Col. Bill Russell. Eight percent of voters said they were undecided, 4 percent said they preferred another candidate, and 1 percent refused to answer.

Murtha has found himself in hot water after telling the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that there is “no question” western Pennsylvania is racist. Murtha subsequently apologized, only to make another controversial statement about his constituents earlier this week.

“This whole area, years ago, was really redneck” Murtha told a Pittsburgh television news affiliate earlier this week.

And his Republican competition is getting airtime as the result of Murtha’s comments.

“When you have folks that are of rural persuasions that live in these areas, I think it’s a very unfair description of the people,” Russell said Wednesday on Fox News’s “Hannity & Colmes.”

“Right now … there’s one [poll] that shows us ahead, and there are some more that are coming out here that, I think, will shock you” Russell said. “We’ve had a number of calls, people approaching saying they’re just absolutely outraged, and they are fully intending to vote against Mr. Murtha.”

The article goes on to talk about the money advantage Murtha has over Russell. Want to help Russell defeat Murtha, who has held that 12th district seat since 1973? Click here.

The GOP probably won’t have that many big victories to brag about the day after election day, but I’d love for this one to be an exception to the rule.

Update – 6:47 PM: MM has info on a new poll which shows Russell up by 13. Wow! Hope this is a sign of things to come :D

7 thoughts on “Murtha in trouble in PA? (UPDATE: ANOTHER POLL SHOWS RUSSELL UP BY 13)

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  2. Hannity and Colms said it’s its an unfair description but just about everything ends up being an unfair description because everybody is trying to highlight the negative if everybody else. The right are doing to it to the left and for sure the liberal illuminati are doing it to the right. It’s the way of politics isn’t it.

  3. Just send him a donation!!!
    I sent mine. I hope every Marine out there sends him money.
    What a sweet revenge if this porker goes down.

  4. if nothing else happens differently in this election, and Lord knows I hope it does; if John Murtha loses his reelection bid, I for one will be a happy camper.

  5. Well keep on burning that candle, ST!

    I burn my candle at both ends, It will not last the night.
    But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends,
    It gives a lovely light.

    — Edna St. Vincent Millay

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