4 thoughts on “No Obama press conferences in more than a month

  1. I took the time to send a letter to Barbara West, the Florida reporter who was “impertinent” enough to ask Biden real questions, praising her for being a real journalist and letting her know that the public can see who the real jerks were in this matter. I think it would be nice if other folks sent her (and the Philly station) emails of support.

    Barbara West’s email is: barbara.west@wftv.com

    Stuff that, Joe.[-(

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  3. Sister; you say that Obama has not had any press briefings in over a month and I believe you, but would like some evidence or a story that I can use to throw at the liberals. I’m getting tired of hearing them say that Sarah Palin is “secretive” and “doesn’t give briefings” and all that.

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