Thanks again, Bill :)

Posted by: ST on October 30, 2008 at 10:30 pm

After reading this, I see another RNC/McCain ad with Bill Clinton featured prominently coming soon (via ST reader NC Cop):

Barack Obama cultivated the image of a cool and collected leader during the height of the economic crisis last month, when lawmakers on Capitol Hill scrambled to draft a workable bailout package after a meltdown on Wall Street.

And when John McCain suspended his campaign to dive head first into the fray, Obama’s campaign accused the Republican of being “unsteady.”

But to hear Bill Clinton tell it, the Democratic nominee didn’t quite have a handle on the situation himself.

“I haven’t cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election, but I know what else he said to his economic advisers (during the crisis),” Clinton told the crowd at a Wednesday night rally with Obama in Florida. “He said, ‘Tell me what the right thing to do is. What’s the right thing for America? Don’t tell me what’s popular. You tell me what’s right — I’ll figure out how to sell it.'”

Clinton said when the crisis broke, Obama called his own advisers as well as those of the former two-term president, Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet and others.

“He called those people. You know why? Because he knew it was complicated and before he said anything he wanted to understand,” Clinton said. “That’s what a president does in a crisis.”

Here’s the video, via CollegePolitico. The relevant comments start at the 8:25 mark:

Truly, the Bubbinski can be a Republican’s best friend sometimes :D

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4 Responses to “Thanks again, Bill :)”


  1. Oh, gee! I didn’t know he said with The One standing right there! =))

    I hate to say it, but I’m almost growing a little fond of Bill and Hillary, that corrupt old duo. :">

  2. ew says:

    It’s crazy to me how soon we forget. It wasn’t that long ago that we were impeaching Bill Cliton but now the liberal illuminati are holding him up as a mouth peace for their campaign. And we all know Cliton is slick so it interesting to see how he interacts on this platform. I don’t thing his words did anything to hurt Obama, the media will spin it and make it into gold. That is what they have been doing all election.

  3. Great White Rat says:

    I’m almost growing a little fond of Bill and Hillary, that corrupt old duo.

    Don’t grow too fond. Make no mistake here – they’re almost as bad as Obama. Almost as far left, and just as sleazy as anything that ever came up through Chicago politics.

    For now, you’d swear they’ve seen the light and cleaned up their act. Go to Hillbuzz or some of the other PUMA sites and take a look at what they post. It looks like something out of National Review. You’d swear ST or Sev or MD or I wrote some of those posts. But they are with us right now for one reason only: 2012 is the last time Hillary will have a shot at the presidency. If McCain wins, they will do an about-face and begin attacking him as of November 5.

  4. Tammy B says:

    Can someone please post this on every major site…the news needs to get out on this and other subjects…like Obama’s Auntie in Boston being here illegally…and living in public housing! I believe Obama helped set that up…however what is really interesting is that Obama is all for spreading the wealth around…he has made so many millions from his books (says he), and in one of those books, he wrote with such love for Auntie, that it stands to reason that Obama is lying to at least one group of people – and I say probably both.

    OBama says he is his brother’s keeper… but he’s not his Auntie’s keeper? 1) she’s living in run down public housing; 2) she’s here illegally; 3) she donated illegal campaign money to him (which he is returning). And I saw a quote from Auntie one day before this story broke where she told interviewers from London that she couldn’t talk (to them) about Obama until after election day but she prays for him HMMMM who told her or made her think she couldn’t talk about him? That’s very odd, indeed…and no one jumped on it!

    Can we just get some rational, honest people to expose all of the lies, and the evil associations O’blah blah has so we be done with this.

    I’m beyond disgusted that so many black folks are voting for this joker just because he is black. Racism is an evil no matter which direction its coming from. Obama has done nothing for this country. He won’t even take a stand one way or the other on gay marriage…just read his quotes today…he’s so afraid of ticking anyone off… good grief, just stand up for something or else you will fall for anything.

    America – lets’ knock this joker out of the race by a landslide and show the world we haven’t lost our minds – PLEASE.