Election eve poll watching

Well, the final numbers are rolling in and on a national level, most polls are showing that Obama is ahead beyond the MOE, but state-level polling, the most important to watch, shows a tightening in several battleground states, suggesting tomorrow may not be a runaway for Barack Obama.

If you’re a poll junkie, Real Clear Politics and Pollster.com, as always, are must-bookmark sites to reference for the absolute final numbers that come in before tomorrow.

CNN’s got a list of poll closing times for each state, which will come in handy tomorrow night as we wait for the results to start rolling in. Keep in mind that Florida, Indiana, and Alaska have two time zones, so don’t look for any projections for them until after the final polls close in the central time zone areas of each of those states. Most likely, though, by the time we get to Alaska, it won’t matter what the results there are.

Two states to watch for early on as the first polls close: NC and VA. NC’s polls close at 7:30 PM, and VA’s close at 7:00 PM (both ET). If both of those states go for Barry O, it will likely be an extremely disappointing night for Mc supporters. If Mc manages to win one of those two, and pull out a PA win (polls close in PA at 8 ET), it could potentially be a game changer and we’ll be up for several hours trying to find out who has won. Fast facts: 41% of NC’s voters have already voted. Voter registration here is 46% D and 32% R. The highest turnout percentage we’ve had in this state goes back to 1984, at 69%.

Anyone else experiencing a case of butterflies in the tummy today?

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