WaPo admits pro-Obama bias

Ed Morrissey unloads this morning on WaPo ombudsman Deborah Howell’s analysis of election coverage from her paper over the last year. Make sure to read Ed’s full post to get a good idea of just how lopsided the coverage was in favor of Obama – not only that, but Ms. Howell admitted the WaPo flat out fell down on the job as it related to digging into Joe Biden’s past like they did Gov. Sarah Palin’s.

I suspect in the coming days and weeks we’ll see more of this, just like we did when Chris Matthews admitted earlier this week that he thought it was his “job” to help the Obama presidency over the next four years. The media’s done their “job” in helping get their candidate elected. Now that it’s all over, there’s no point in even pretending objectivity anymore. Numerous studies confirm the assertions made by many conservatives about the blatant bias of media coverage in favor of Obama.

This truly is the story of the 2008 election season. Even had McCain run a flawless campaign, between the economic collapse and the overwhelmingly biased coverage of the election, he faced an uphill battle the entire way. And the election results prove he was unable to overcome those odds.

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