Change you can believe in

Bloomberg sticks a pin in Obama’s “Change” promise balloon by documenting how many of those who are a part of Obama’s transition team – and who very well may land themselves a job in the Obama administration – are some of the same types of Beltway insiders Obama, for the last two years, demonized the Republican party for associating with. Those types of people, Obama repeatedly and forcefully asserted, were exactly what was wrong with Washington, DC.

Of course, this should come as no surprise whatsoever to anyone who paid close attention to the Obama’s rhetoric versus the reality while on the campaign trail. From his phony “our campaign is responsible only to the people” rallying cry, to breaking his promise on public financing for his general election campaign, to playing a role in the economic meltdown – a meltdown he and other Democrats dishonestly tried to pin on the Bush administration and McCain, to decrying negative attacks while launching some of the most despicable negative attacks himself, to repeatedly lying and embellishing his thin resume, to his cries for government transparency while at the same time failing to be transparent himself on the issue of his questionable campaign donation system, to his penchant for double-speak (more here), Barack Obama proved that what “change” actually meant wasn’t actually a change in the status quo, but the changing of his positions depending on whatever crowd he was speaking in front of, whatever media hotshot he sat down to interview with, or whatever pundit he allowed an “inside look” at his campaign.

Does all this make him an evil guy? Nah. It just makes him, well, like most other politicians. And as we all know at this point, he pulled off a master acting job with the American public by making many of those who voted for him believe he was a different kind of politico.

Readers of this blog have always the real score on Obama’s “change” motto.

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Related 2: Via Jules Crittenden, I read that US News’ Paul Bedard has a handy dandy “transition chart” making the rounds in DC and beyond. Included on it are people who are reportedly being considered for top positions in the Obama administration. Some highlights (or lowlights, as the case may be):

Of note: Al Gore might be under consideration for a “climate czar” position; Colin Powell could be education secretary; Howard Dean might get health and human services; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency; and Caroline Kennedy could be the ambassador to the United Nations.

Looks like payback time for all those lefties who helped get Barry Oh! elected. Cronyism, anyone?

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