Examples of challenged ballots in Minnesota

The Minnesota Public Radio website has posted several examples (bigger pictures here) of ballots that have been challenged in one way or another by both the Franken and Coleman campaigns respectively, and asks that you be the judge on whether the ballots should be counted, and if they should be counted who they should be counted for. Make sure to vote in each one.

I have to say after looking at some of those ballots and seeing the way they were filled out – especially the ones that have marks in two different circles, you have to wonder what the hell those voters were thinking and why they didn’t say something at the polling place while they were there to clear up the confusion.

That this election is hinging on just a few hundred votes just goes to prove wrong the saying some who don’t vote use every election year – that their one little vote won’t count anyway. Races like this one demonstrate otherwise. Never say your vote doesn’t count.

Update: James Joyner has posted his opinions on the ballots. Here are mine:

Ballot #
1. Coleman.
2. Coleman.
3. Reject.
4. Franken.
5. Reject.
6. Franken – that said, was it not clear enough that the voter should have filled in the circle? Sheesh.
7. Coleman.
8. Franken.
9. Barkley.
10. Barkley.
11. Coleman.

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