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Hey, Barack Obama’s been elected – what the heck do we need Bush around for anymore?

Late last week, Chris Matthews – who infamously declared shortly after the election that it was his “job” to help the incoming Obama administration succeed – called for Obama to just go ahead and step into the role of President, and to effectively sidestep our current President (h/t: Tom Elia).

On Saturday, the NYT lovingly published a column by Gail Collins in which she talked about how Bush-Cheney should go ahead and step down now and allow Nancy Pelosi to take over the presidency until Barack Obama was sworn in as president in January … all for the “benefit” of the economy, of course. We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution anyway.

Unfortunately, Collins isn’t the only one who wants to see the Bush-Cheney admin ushered out of the WH stage right before Obama’s inauguration. Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley argued that Nancy Pelosi needed to stand up and be a leader by beginning impeachment proceedings against Bush-Cheney … for the “benefit” of the economy.

Hey, you know what? I somewhat agree. As I’ve argued before, if the Democrats really feel like Bush has run an unconstitutional administration, by all means, please go ahead and start the impeachment process. Yeah, I know they won’t really do it, because they’ve been lying about one of two things: Either they’re lying about their belief that Bush is a “war criminal” or they’re lying about their “commitment to the Constitution” because surely if they were commited to upholding the Constitution they’d have frogmarched Bush out of the WH long before now, right? :-?

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