Relax, lefties! Part 2

As I noted last night, there are more than a few liberals out there who are “concerned” over the belief that Obama has supposedly not thrown a bone to progressives since winning the election over two weeks ago.

Well, worry not, lefties – as Ilya Somin notes, Obama via his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is using the opportunity that the economic crisis has presented to lay the groundwork towards vastly expanding the size and scope of the federal government in ways we haven’t seen since the days of FDR (who Obama has been lovingly compared to, BTW).

If you’re a liberal, read Ilya’s full post as it should give you something to be thankful for tomorrow as you gather around your dinner tables to celebrate Thanksgiving. If you’re a conservative, read it to reaffirm what you already know from doing something so many on the left didn’t do over the course of the last two years and that’s pay attention to what the man actually promised on the campaign trail. It certainly wasn’t “centrism.”

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