Gotta love liberal “social engineering”

Posted by: ST on December 30, 2008 at 10:27 pm

The AP reports that tensions are rising in the SF Bay area over low income renters that some say are disturbing the peace and creating a general nuisance out of themselves (h/t: ST reader Cump):

ANTIOCH, Calif. (AP) – As more and more black renters began moving into this mostly white San Francisco Bay Area suburb a few years ago, neighbors started complaining about loud parties, mean pit bulls, blaring car radios, prostitution, drug dealing and muggings of schoolchildren.

In 2006, as the influx reached its peak, the police department formed a special crime-fighting unit to deal with the complaints, and authorities began cracking down on tenants in federally subsidized housing.

Now that police unit is the focus of lawsuits by black families who allege the city of 100,000 is orchestrating a campaign to drive them out.

“A lot of people are moving out here looking for a better place to live,” said Karen Coleman, a mother of three who came here five years ago from a blighted neighborhood in nearby Pittsburg. “We are trying to raise our kids like everyone else. But they don’t want us here.”

City officials deny the allegations in the lawsuits, which were filed last spring and seek unspecified damages.

The Bay area’s not the only area hit by this problem:

Across the country, similar tensions have simmered when federally subsidized renters escaped run-down housing projects and violent neighborhoods by moving to nicer communities in suburban Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Make sure to read the whole article, as it’s a case study in and of itself as to the perils of believing liberal do-gooders who swear up one side and down the other that putting low income people (who rely on federal assistance – whether they be black OR white – to survive) in nicer neighborhoods won’t start a crime wave nor devalue property. Forcing the issue, of course, brings exactly the kind of problems seen today in bigger cities that have implemented wrongheaded policies like this one, with two groups of people feeling like they are being targeted: established homeowners who’ve seen the crime rates rise in their neighborhoods and property values descrease, and low-income, mostly black citizens who believe they’re being singled out because of their race.

It’s been my experience that neighborhood engineering that occurs the “natural way” (read: without government interference) always seems to work best. I mean – it’s just common sense … right? :-?


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    1. Trish says:

      Why is it that “affordable housing” doesn’t really mean “affordable housing”? It means subsidies for some and higher costs for the rest of us (many of whom could really use some affordability right now).

      Many low-income people do want to better themselves, and do want to get away from the ghetto lifestyle (lived by those of any color who care about none but themselves). They’re the ones who get shut out, while the subsidized junkies and thugs are rewarded. Whenever the government walks in the door, reason and common sense fly out the window.

      (Incidentally, have you noticed how many hotshot Hollyweird celebs live what can only be described as a ghetto lifestyle with caviar?)

    2. Severian says:

      Tom Lehrer had it right in his song “National Brotherhood Week” – It’s fun to eulogize, bout people you despise, as long as you don’t let ’em in your schools.

      Most of the “problem” with low income housing areas, whether “projects” or the modern idea of distributing them into higher class neighborhoods is the people, not where they live. Unless and until people adopt the mental and cultural attitudes required for success, they will remain a blight on themselves and whatever place they reside.

      It does give me a certain sense of schadenfreude to watch the leftist states and cities display the shocking level of hypocrisy they so routinely do.

    3. Steve Skubinna says:

      SF is more than welcome to their self generated problems. My concern is for the inevitable federal bailout of states and municipalities ruined by leftist policies. We’re all going to pay eventually, and the same people who created these problems will take our money and continue to create the same problems all over again.

      When my command was based in the Bay Area I’d observe the local subsidized housing in Oakland. It appeared to be on a roughly seven year cycle – an area trashed by vandalism and neglect would be under renovation, people would move in, and another area would be vacated and begin renovation. You could expect in about seven years to see the first area degrade to the point it would be emptied and rebuilt.

      What those places are, are breeding grounds for ignorance, violence, and poverty. Lefties that yammer on about “root causes” have blood on their hands, and bear some responsibility for thousands of destroyed lives. This all goes back to LBJ’s “war” on poverty – we “won” that by making poverty a federally subsidized state, and created for the first time a permanent underclass incapable of raising themselves up.

    4. Great White Rat says:

      You should understand….for the left, it doesn’t matter whether your program achieves any positive results, or even if it destroys lives and neighborhoods. The primary goal is to make them feel good about themselves. The left is all about feeling, not thinking.

      All these wasteful and counterproductive social engineering masterpieces that fly in the face of common sense, logic, and several thousand years of human history allow the libs to salve their guilty consciences without making any personal sacrifice to better the lives of the needy.

    5. forest hunter says:

      Y’all make great points! To carrion this tradition is as logical as Olmert agreeing to a ceasefire and keeping Pali’s on lifesupport…….:o For the most part, eternal government sponsored anything is simply a longer more drawn out and expensive process to kill off a Nation.

      The trade routes of devolution are marked clearly………lights along the aisle way are switched on and the exit row doors ajar, but if jumping into the waiting arms of socialism is the shortest leap to the ground, then the bodies of those who would continue to practice this slight of hand, need to be stacked higher.

    6. T-Steel says:

      Rumor is that “they” (Liberal Establishment) is overstating the crime statistics to get black folks back for supporting Proposition 8 in Cali. My sister, who’s black, ultra-liberal, voted for Obama, yet supported and voted for Proposition 8, says all kinds of nastiness is being directed at the Bay Area black community by “liberals”.

      As this “reality-based liberal” has to say:

      Y’all didn’t do your homework on black folks, LGBT community…

    7. Dana says:

      As it happens, I lived in Antioch from when I was born until the end of the second grade. I never met any black kids there — this was 1953-1960 — but my best friend across the street (Beasley Street, if any Antiochers are reading this) was Mexican.

    8. NC Cop says:

      My sister, who’s black, ultra-liberal, voted for Obama, yet supported and voted for Proposition 8, says all kinds of nastiness is being directed at the Bay Area black community by “liberals”.

      Very interesting T-Steel. I think this is proof positive that the RNC needs to start courting the African-American vote better. I think the African-American community has far more in common with the Republican party than they realize. Speaking of just “traditional” values, I think the RNC better represents the majority of Americans, not just African Americans. This last round of voting was an anti-Bush vote, I truly believe it. The dems took advantage of it and with a little help from the media, they’ve got the W.H. and Congress.