Hollyweirdiots feeling “patriotic” again, make “presidential pledge” to PEBO (UPDATE: CBS TURNING INTO “YES WE CAN” NETWORK?)

If anyone, anywhere out there had any doubt about how clueless and narrow-minded the Hollywood left actually are, they shouldn’t after they see this video:

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Flopping Aces has a list of the celebs appearing in the vid who pledge to be a “servant” to the incoming president, in case you’re in no mood to watch it.

Andrew Breitbart, writing at his Big Hollywood blog, says what a lot of people are feeling about the self-righteous nitwits who have unjustifiably hammered President Bush the last 8 years who now suddenly feel like Americans again (via Memeo):

Such mental insanity posing as erudition usually earns ostracism. But [Cameron] Diaz and her self-serious cohorts have no moral compass, no sense of proportion, no decency and, certainly, no shame.

This video illustrates that the current celebrity class are not citizens but serfs. They need a leader to put their minds in the right place to do the right thing. They are not heroic individualists seeking to extend America’s promise but conformists who chose to sit out and complain during the tough years in order to ensure their guy got in the next go-around.

The celebrity decadence during the “oppressive” Bush years was world class. The clubs raged. The boutique hotels rocked. The private jet industry at Van Nuys airport flourished. The party never stopped. And only a precious few (Thank you, dearly!!!) stepped up to support the American troops who have been valiantly fighting for Hollywood’s right to do lines off of each others’ buttocks at $10 million Hollywood Hills mansions.

They never spoke up against the movies that demonized our military.

They never made movies to counter the libel.

They took the easy route. And blamed Bush for everything.

[Demi] Moore’s nauseating video — which, like Steven Soderbergh’s “Oceans” franchise, grants a pristine look into the modern celebrity’s sense of self-importance — is not a sign of desire to serve the country under Obama. Watch, by March this pledge like New Year’s resolutions will fall by the wayside. It is a sign that the Democrat is in the White House now. It is a sign that they get to sleep again in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Unfortunately, the Hollywood left is not unlike the non-celebrity far left we see around the country who can’t find it in themselves to fly the flag proudly or feel like Americans when a Republican president is in the White House. As I’ve written before, this is a classic example of the warped mindset many liberals have on the issue of “patriotism”:

It doesn’t matter who the president is, nor what the pressing issue happens to be in this country at any given time; there is no reason why any, any, person in this country who loves it should ever be ashamed to fly their flags in their yards, hang small ones in their homes, wear a flag pin, or what have you regardless of whoever our President is. The mistake modern-day liberals like Barack Obama make on the hanging of the flag and other traditional displays of patriotism is that they believe the flag merely represents the president of this country. It does not. It represents the ideals upon which this nation was founded. It represents a love of country that goes way beyond whoever currently occupies the Oval Office. I proudly displayed this country’s flag during the Clinton administration years, and I’ll proudly display one during the Obama administration. NO PRESIDENT will ever make me ashamed to display my country’s flag.

At the same time, NO PRESIDENT will ever make me ashamed enough to burn the US flag, because – again – unlike the left, I don’t view the flag as a symbol of this nation’s President but instead as a symbol of the freedoms that make this nation the best one in the world. No matter how much I disagree with Barack Obama over the next four years, he could never drive me to burn our flag. Because of the left’s distorted view of what the flag is supposed to symbolize, many of them are not opposed to those on their side who would desecrate it as a display of displeasure with the policies of whatever administration currently resides at the WH.

If you’re a liberal who has been embarassed to display the flag during the last 8 years of the Bush administration, stop trying to put the blame on Republicans for your personal decision to hide the flag away until you were “proud” of this country again. For once, take some personal responsibility. No one made you put that flag in your dresser drawer. No one made you hide that flag away in your outdoor shed. YOU made that decision yourself when you determined that this nation’s flag was representative of a public figure rather than being a symbol of the ideals that make our country so great. No one can symbollically take a flag from anyone in this country without that person allowing it to happen.

If a person only feels patriotic when their guy is in power, then they are more a (non-violent) malignant narcissist than patriot. True patriotism is not fleeting. It’s eternal. It’s there no matter who the president of this country happens to be.

Related to all this is the undertone of “spiritualness” with regards to how some – like the Hollywood left – view the election of Barack Obama. We’re seeing comparisons galore of Obama to Abe Lincoln post-election (brought on helpfully by PEBO himself, of course) but we all remember the comparisons made between Obama and Jesus all through the campaign last year … comparisons that persist. There’s something to be said about people who view political figures in the same way other people view God. If a person chooses not to believe in God, that’s their choice to make – but when they turn to almost literally worshipping any figure, including political figures, there’s something missing there that is too complicated for me to analyze at this hour in this post.

We’re just hours away from the inauguration of our 44th president. The crowds in the streets number over a million. I don’t want to take away from those who are there because they legitimately support Barack Obama just like we’ve supported Republican presidents in the past. But how many of those millions are there only because they are “now ready” to fly their flags and “be patriotic” again? How many are there because they feel Obama satisfies their spiritual needs? I suspect it’s more than just a few.

The celebrations in the streets are already underway. But, in addition to genuine feelings of some for support for a president, what’s being celebrated? Faux patriotism? Or pseudo-spiritualism?

Update – 9:25 AM: Check out Ed Morrissey’s post about inaugural overload – he has a screencap of a CBS primetime promo that leaves no doubt as to who that network supports. Matt Lewis has more, including video.

It’s amazing. The media masks are just falling off all over the place. Now, if they would just Do The Right Thing.

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