You want to believe the best but …

Posted by: ST on January 22, 2009 at 2:37 pm

Ed Morrissey’s got a post up at Hot Air in which he praises Obama for issuing an executive order that rolls back executive privilege, making it more “transparent” to the people. This order was done supposedly in the name of “transparency.”

Look, I want to believe that Obama’s sincere about transparency but his rhetoric rarely matches up with reality, especially on issues like transparency and “open government.” Remember how hard it was to get the records of his time serving on Chicago Annenberg Challenge board with Bill Ayers? How about the fact that you could find next to no paperwork on his time served in the Ill. state Senate, outside of his voting record? How about the fact that all last year he refused to release the names of contributors to his campaign that had given less than $200? Of course, it wasn’t required but it was something McCain did to show he was serious about transparency, while Obama did not.

Today we’re also hearing about Obama’s new “rules” on lobbyists and how he is “cracking down.” Am I supposed to be impressed by this? I’m not, and hopefully no one who has paid attention to his duplicity on lobbyists is either.

Let’s also not forget how he campaigned against the same ol’ same ol’ DC tactics, yet so many of the people he’s pulled into his admnistration are seasoned Beltway types known for playing the games he supposedly decries.

And how about how BlagoGate was handled? To refresh, Team Obama launched an internal “investigation” that was conducted by … Obama legal advisor Greg Craig.

The thing to remember about Obama is that he said a lot of things during his campaign that in reality amounted to “just words.” It’s going to take more than “just words” for our new President to make me believe he’s serious about transparency and open government. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if – as some of Hot Air’s commenters suggested – Obama’s executive order on executive privilege was nothing more than him throwing a meaty bone to his constituency who hopes to be able to find out “The Truth” about the Bush administration’s alleged plans to turn this nation into a dictatorial theocracy. Either that, or he’s just given an excuse for our nation’s future chief execs to not document everything in writing. Great. I love Ed’s blogging, but on this one, I think he’s mistaken. Obama’s proven himself to be a master of symbolic gestures that in the short run turn out to be empty rhetoric.

Well, one good thing to come out of the last day or so of ObamaNuze? Mr. Transparency’s wish to keep his Blackberry has been granted. And the reactions of those on the far left who slammed Gov. Palin for keeping a Blackberry? Crickets chirping.


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9 Responses to “You want to believe the best but …”


  1. alchemist says:


    I dug around and could only find 1 criticism, but it was for using a yahoo based account(which was then hacked) , and not a private account

    The other was a critique of the RNC which sold out blackberries after the campaign, with personal contacts still on the phones. That seems unlikely to be Palin’s fault, but it wasn’t a very shrewd move by the RNC.

    Personally, I didn’t care about Palin’s phone, I don’t really care about Obama’s either (as long as it’s determined to be secure). It seems a little risky to me (but then again, I don’t even text-message).

  2. Margee says:

    Obama was also asked for medical records and college transcripts, neither of which he ever provided. Nor would he provide his senior thesis.

  3. Severian says:

    Does that mean we’ll be seeing his birth certificate soon? Yeah, thought so…;)

    More Doublespeak/doublethink. “Most open” will mean “deeply hidden” just like “Employee Freedom of Choice” means no secret ballot.

  4. NC Cop says:

    Obama is about as transparent as mud. I’m surprised Ed was so impressed by this.

  5. Jeff says:

    Ed has some liberal tendencies especially trusting democrats while distrusting republicans … and he too often forgets the history of a person …

  6. tango says:

    I loved how in reference to Obama’s blackberry, it was announced all communications on it would be available for public review except for those of a “personal nature”. Oh yah, that’s transparent. Just code anything remotely controversial as “personal” and get a free pass.
    He is going to be so busy, why the heck does he need a Blackberry too??

  7. Lorica says:

    Does that mean we’ll be seeing his birth certificate soon? Yeah, thought so…

    Now come on Sev, Leslie says that people who bring up this topic are lame and stupid. Let’s not prove him right. =))

    Tango, how is this for a text message:

    from the Rahm: I suggest we bomb Pakistan.

    from the One: Ok, sounds like a plan, what does Greg think??

    from the Rahm: He is in agreement, we are a go. Oh BTW Michelle says to grab a gallon of milk before you come home.

    =)) – Lorica