VIDEO: Barack Obama still acting like he’s on the campaign trail

Posted by: ST on February 6, 2009 at 11:59 am

This is truly disgraceful – and disappointing. It’s one thing to be at a partisan retreat and give a rousing speech to your party, but it’s another thing to do it when you know you’re going to be on national TV.

He’s clearly got serious issues with people who criticize him, just as we saw during the course of the campaign, and unfortunately he only knows how to respond back in a presidential way when he’s talking directly to the mainstream mediots. When he’s in front of his fellow Dems, OTOH, it’s time to let his hair down. The fact that he knew this was going to be broadcast all the more disappointing because really, in the middle of everything we’re going through, he should know better. It looks petty and juvenile – and distinctly unpresidential.

Leave the partisan blather to Congress, Mr. President. I don’t think you’re turning into Howard Dean, but you came pretty darn close last night.

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8 Responses to “VIDEO: Barack Obama still acting like he’s on the campaign trail”


  1. Severian says:

    He’s clearly got serious issues with people who criticize him,

    That is a common symptom with people suffering with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You saw it in both Clintons. Inability to just accept dissent, it always was part of a big conspiracy to “get” them, e.g. the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. These kinds of people are beyond arrogant, they can’t handle critisism as they take it as a personal assault against their fragile egos.

    Say what you want about Bush, but he never suffred from this syndrome. He was routinely bashed with the most heinous and outlandish attacks and just shrugged them off. It’s what any person should do, and what someone with the power and prestige that comes with being President must be able to do.

  2. Tom TB says:

    Why does he keep saying “the policies of the last eight years”, when his Democratic party has had a majority in BOTH houses of Congress for the last two? Is he admitting that Pelosi and company aren’t up to the job?

  3. Dennis says:

    Is it possible that in the coming weeks, everyone who drank the kool-aid this past year will discover that they elected an excellent campaigner and public speaker, but also someone with zero leadership skills? The fact that the President has already begun partisan attacks for his (Pelosi’s) stimulus (pork) bill and has plans to conduct town hall meetings next week in order to bludgeon the Senate into towing the line leads me to beleive this. We have an inexperienced Freshman Sentator who moved into the Whitehouse based on his ability to give a “feel good speech”.

  4. In my view, BHO is a demagogue using scare tactics to force socialism down our throats.

    I noted today that the people’s support for the stimulus bill is drastically waning — some 20 points in merely a week. Now, how soon will general support for BHO also wane?

  5. Nina says:

    Reality is hitting him on the head. 3 weeks into his presidency he is runnung out of material. This stimulus was supposed to be an easy win for him. He was losing his mind at the dem conference. He has to escape the WH because of “cabin fever”. In 6 months as he confronts bigger battles this guy will be a basket case.
    The American electorate is at fault for electing a rookie with no experience whose life has been an easy ride because of his grandma and being the poster boy of affirmative action.

  6. jana says:

    So much for the politics of Hope, eh? Looks like O’Bambi has a very limited shtick, after all.

  7. Brontëfan says:

    This President has virtually no leadership skills and responds to criticism in much the same way a popular high school student might. What he says about our government and the foundation of democracy is interesting considering he knows very little about it–aside from what he wants to alter permanently. When these liberals/socialists are finished, we will have two classes: the elitist class with all their wealth and then all the rest of us. I seriously doubt this President actually READ the [pork] Bill.

  8. Lorica says:

    Good Lord, after 4 minutes of him talking out of his a**, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    1st off, wasn’t it Barack himself that said the middle class needs a tax cut?? He repeated it so many times that he started to sound like a Republican. It really was the the only campaign promise that I hoped he would keep. But like a good lying liberal, how fast the promises go to the wayside once you get into office.

    So this buffoon, says that Bush’s policies got us into this, but not a single negative comment for what happened with the FMs, which is really what got us into this. If he wants to be honest, it was the all of these assnine Dem compromises that got us into this situation.

    This man is delusional, and the damn Republicans need to grow a damn spine and stand up to him verbally. 1st things 1st, they need to start defending George Bush. It is sad and pathetic that these guys still won’t do that. They need to hold Barack accountable to his campaign promises. Amazing how the 1 promise he made that will actually make a difference in this present economy, is the one that he is ignoring.

    I am so tired of politics I want to wretch. It is sad, when the need for power outweighs the need to do what is best. – Lorica