VIDEO: Barack Obama still acting like he’s on the campaign trail

This is truly disgraceful – and disappointing. It’s one thing to be at a partisan retreat and give a rousing speech to your party, but it’s another thing to do it when you know you’re going to be on national TV.

He’s clearly got serious issues with people who criticize him, just as we saw during the course of the campaign, and unfortunately he only knows how to respond back in a presidential way when he’s talking directly to the mainstream mediots. When he’s in front of his fellow Dems, OTOH, it’s time to let his hair down. The fact that he knew this was going to be broadcast all the more disappointing because really, in the middle of everything we’re going through, he should know better. It looks petty and juvenile – and distinctly unpresidential.

Leave the partisan blather to Congress, Mr. President. I don’t think you’re turning into Howard Dean, but you came pretty darn close last night.

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