BDS alive and well in NYC

The NYT gleefully reports on the kind of “exposure” our 43rd president is receiving on Broadway, courtesy of a show about George W. Bush that has been running since The One’s inauguration (via Kim Priestap):

So far six audience members have stormed out midperformance of the Broadway show “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush,” the comedian Will Ferrell’s lampooning of the 43rd president, according to those keeping count at the Cort Theater. But they haven’t been leaving after a particular Ferrell quip.

They’ve been standing up, instead, after the projection of a supersize photo on the backdrop of the stage. A photo of a penis. Specifically, as Mr. Ferrell (who plays President Bush) leads the audience to believe, the president’s penis. Except that’s not quite right.

“It’s an anonymous but age-appropriate public domain Internet penis,” said Adam McKay, the play’s director. “We went on the Web and got a penis.”

“It’s not the president’s penis, as far as I know, and Will is 41, so we weren’t going to use his,” Mr. McKay added. “What I do know is that the photo gets one of the great shrieks of delight from the audience, and it’s also the one moment that is followed by people walking out.”

The idea of using the image of a nonerect penis originated one day in rehearsals, Mr. McKay said. The script, by Mr. Ferrell, draws partly on Mr. Bush’s past statements, and the two men were remarking on the former president’s comment that he had enjoyed being “a free man” before he entered the White House.

“We were joking that now that he was out of office, he could do whatever he wants,” Mr. McKay said, “and so I said, ‘Let’s have him show his own penis,’ and Ferrell was like, ‘O.K.’ ”

“He is a frat boy, a big party guy, and you could imagine him doing this,” Mr. McKay added, describing Mr. Bush, who is 63. “Though I want to make clear I’m not blaming the president for our very bad taste.”

No surprise, the play has been a major draw for New York liberals. The production, which largely features Mr. Ferrell doing the Bush character he made famous on “Saturday Night Live” on NBC, has been playing to near capacity at the Cort Theater, which has more than 1,000 seats, since it began previews on Inauguration Day. It is scheduled to run through March 15, and will be presented live on HBO next month.

Well, yours truly doesn’t use vulgar terms, but the urge to do so tonight is strong. Let’s just say it’s mildly ironic that parts of the male anatomy who are masquerading as adults in NYC are writing and acting out, in part, via using a photo of a male part of the anatomy to make fun of our former president. Such class! Such edginess! How unique! How “progressive”! Liberal males who have no balls making fun of a president who does:

I guess I should thank the producers of this “Broadway show” and Ferrell himself for giving me an excuse to post another picture of President Bush in his flight suit.


Oh, and the NYT gave the show good reviews.

Yeah, I know – that surprised me, too. 8-|

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