After the GOP’s losses last November in the election, and their attempts to regroup afterwards, as well as the continued battles for the soul of the party, many a “concerned” liberal has wondered if conservatives are “losing it.” They think worrying about the real threat of socialism in this country equates to conservatives “losing” their minds even though they themselves will acknowledge that they’re quite happy with the direction President Obama has steered this country in … they just don’t think it should be called “socialism.”

For your morning perusal, here are a couple of links to stories about liberals who have lost it in the political sense of the word:

— Michelle Malkin has video of Hot Air special correspondent Jason Mattera confronting Rep. Charlie Rangel on his ethical and financial woes. What Rangel tells Mattera to do should surprise no one considering how he’s treated questions along that front for the last several months now (as even the liberal NYT has found out).

— “Former” Republican (and I assume now staunch liberal) Frank Schaeffer goes on another wild tirade this morning at the HuffPo, where he “calls out” so-called “Republican traitors” who he says are “are the arsonists who burned down our national home.” This isn’t the first time this ‘former” Republican has unloaded on Republican “traitors.” You can see more liberal red meat here from Schaeffer, the author of “Crazy for God.” It should be no surpise that this shameless opportunist and clown is the latest “former” Republican turned “hero” to the far left.

These are just a couple examples of many. I really don’t understand it: liberals won the election last year … yet you couldn’t tell it by how bitter and angry they still are. Heck, you’d think GWB was still President by the way they’re handling themselves. Oh well. I guess children will be children.

PM Update: Gateway Pundit documents (scroll) another instance of an elected Democrat getting very testy when confronted with questions.

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