Things we learned this week

It never fails that when I step away from the blog, whether it’s for a couple of days or a week, that so many things happen in the world!

It’s been interesting to say the least, no? While I may have been away, my head wasn’t buried under the covers. Here’s what I, and no doubt many others, learned over the past week – in no particular order:

—– The unarmed civilian crew of a US cargo ship knew how to more effectively respond to an attack by Somali pirates than our State Dept. Hats off to the crew for taking control back of the ship so quickly, and thoughts and prayers to Richard Phillips, the Captain of the ship, who is now a hostage of those same pirates on a lifeboat in the Indian Ocean. Navy warships are in the area, and appeals are coming in from various “leaders” for the standoff to end peacefully with the release of the Captain. Here’s hoping the pirates get what they deserve – and no, lefties, I don’t mean “due process.”

—– What a difference a year makes: snagged this picture of President Obama and La Clinton sitting together at a picnic table nearby the swingset the Obamas bought for their kids. Last year at this time, Hillary Clinton was throwing everything she could at Obama in an effort to win the PA primary, which she did.

—– Far left bloggers expect a little – ahem – return “back rubbing” in exchange for their aggressive promotion of the progressive agenda. Apparently they think the movers and shakers in DC should pay for the milk they’ve been getting for free all these years. Um … reality check, please?

—– A bow to a Saudi king is not a bow if the WH says it isn’t. 8-|

—– Obama’s taking this whole “Messiah” thing wayyy too seriously. Controlling the weather?

—–There are no depths that Kos is beyond sinking to.

—– Joe Lieberman might be trying to “make nice” with Obama, but that doesn’t mean he won’t stand up to him on important issues like missile defense.

—– Kim Jong-il wants some attention. He’s got it.

—– Support for capitalism is fading.

—– Joe Biden continues to demonstrate that, when it comes to exaggerating his “accomplishments,” he’s a proven master. No wonder Obama picked him.

And this is just the short list. Feel free to add on to it in the comments.

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