It’s official: Stuart Smalley is going to Washington

Posted by: ST on June 30, 2009 at 2:51 pm

…. just another clown in an already crowded circus tent (via MM).

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9 Responses to “It’s official: Stuart Smalley is going to Washington”


  1. dave christensen says:

    Feakin’ Frankin Fraud

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Can’t say I am sorry to see Coleman go. A RINO’s RINO, Coleman let Franken swipe the Senate seat right out of his bipartisan fingers.

    Remember Coleman when the GOP asks you to support “moderate” Republicans like Mark Kirk and Mike Castle for Senate next year, or Chris Christie for NJ governor this year. When the Democrats who sing the praises of RINOs actually vote for them rather then their Democrat doppelgangers, then I will think about it. Not before. Remember how Colin Powell voted for Obama over “his good friend” McCain?

  3. pgg says:

    With Franken at home in the Senate (he’s already got experience at stealing money from little kids from his Air America days), the average IQ of both the Senate and the state of Minnesota is about to increase measurably.

  4. Kevin says:

    Dang. Just in time to vote for cap & tax :(.

  5. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Here is a cruel poll:

    Republican congressional candidates rebounded this week and pulled ahead again of Democrats in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot.

    As the events of today reminded us, in the Age of ACORN a narrow win for the GOP equals a loss.

  6. Brontefan says:

    Don’t we already have a SuperStar in the White House? Just think. . . Val Kilmer is planning to run for the Governor’s slot in my state. Today, more people know about Hollywood celebrities and their lives than the US Constitution.

  7. Neither cap-and-tax nor socialized medicine are a done deal, even with Franken being seated. There are several Democrats worried about their seats in states that would be hurt heavily by these bills who may just uphold a filibuster.

    Fingers crossed.

  8. NC Cop says:

    Today, more people know about Hollywood celebrities and their lives than the US Constitution.

    And the democrats are counting on it, and doing an excellent job of exploiting it.