Our celebrity President and his staged “town hall” meetings

Posted by: ST on July 1, 2009 at 6:23 pm

Tom Maguire and Mary Katharine Ham both take the mainstream media to task on how they framed Bush’s “orchestrated” town hall meetings versus Obama’s, the latter of which took part in a town hall “discussion” on healthcare earlier today in Virginia.

Of course, it’s not surprising to see how the mainstream media is painting the issue of “orchestrated” town halls in a positive light in The Age of Obama. As Allah Pundit put it so well:

“It’s in keeping with the media’s narratives about Dubya and Obama, though, the former shifty and stupid and therefore dependent on softballs, the latter “open” and ingenious and no longer required to prove his ability to handle tough questions.”


And I note for the record that the cries of the usual whiners on the issue of “pre-screened” questions go oddly silent about it everytime it happens with Obama. With one exception: Believe it or not, Helen Thomas gave Robert Gibbs hell about it today at the daily WH presser (watch the video here). Wonders never will cease.


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10 Responses to “Our celebrity President and his staged “town hall” meetings”


  1. MarkJ says:

    Judging from Obama’s “townhall discussion” in Virginia today, I think we’d see more hard-hitting, left-field, take-no-prisoners questions at a North Korean press conference.

    Does Obama have any residual sense of shame? Wait, I’ll answer that for y’all: no.

  2. Carlos says:

    The toughest questions he’s been asked since he started his run for the presidency were from C. Matthews. You know, the one with shivers up his leg? Kinda says something about his ability to “handle tough questions” though, doesn’t it?

    Heck, if I’d gotten such tough tosses playin’ baseball growin’ up I mighta been a major leaguer, too!

  3. Severian says:

    Don’t get yer hopes up, Old Helen is just enough of an egotist that she’s getting tired of anyone, even The One, getting more attention than she is. She wanted to be the one to give the handpicked question, dammit! It ain’t fair, I mean, she’s been waiting for that “honor” since the days of Lincoln.

  4. Brontefan says:

    The simple fact is that all these public appearances, town hall meetings, etc. are all carefully staged and if the mainstream media is culpable, they went willingly! Just remember, these are the same journalists who vetted him in the campaign! Oh, wait a minute–Tom Brokaw said to Charlie Rose Show [Oct 2008] that we [US public] really don’t know all that much about this guy [OB]. Well, whose fault is that? Maybe we should ask Chris Matthews?
    OB is right out of the Chicago political machine, which should have been a red flag. Do you think the American sheeple will ever figure it out?

  5. Ron Russell says:

    Has the whitehouse press come to life. They still like Obama’s policies, but when he and his intrude on their territory they get upset. Well guys welcome to what the rest of us have been feeling for quite a while.

  6. Severian says:

    Wonder when Leni Riefenstahl was brought on board the Obama team?

  7. Kate says:

    How much real information was discussed? When you looked out at the handpicked diverse town hall attendees you know they had to be carefully chided not too look too bored. Do you think they really knew why they were roused from the government job to attend a pep rally? …..my bet is that the biggest scientific advancement for Obama will be a microphone teleprompter that will fit into his ear…..it wouldn’t be too hard to do with those ears.

  8. Carlos says:

    Heck, Kate, how much real information has been discussed by this schmuck since January 20? 2008?

    If you’re looking for information, better go to some informational web sites. You’ll get a whole bunch more, and without the mindless babble.

  9. forest hunter says:

    So did Gigglin Gibbs actually ever answer a single question by anyone…..Beuller?