Our celebrity President and his staged “town hall” meetings

Tom Maguire and Mary Katharine Ham both take the mainstream media to task on how they framed Bush’s “orchestrated” town hall meetings versus Obama’s, the latter of which took part in a town hall “discussion” on healthcare earlier today in Virginia.

Of course, it’s not surprising to see how the mainstream media is painting the issue of “orchestrated” town halls in a positive light in The Age of Obama. As Allah Pundit put it so well:

“It’s in keeping with the media’s narratives about Dubya and Obama, though, the former shifty and stupid and therefore dependent on softballs, the latter “open” and ingenious and no longer required to prove his ability to handle tough questions.”


And I note for the record that the cries of the usual whiners on the issue of “pre-screened” questions go oddly silent about it everytime it happens with Obama. With one exception: Believe it or not, Helen Thomas gave Robert Gibbs hell about it today at the daily WH presser (watch the video here). Wonders never will cease.


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