Informal poll: Should Mark Sanford resign?

Posted by: ST on July 2, 2009 at 2:22 pm

The “lovestruck” Governor Mark Sanford, in the midst of embarassing himself even further – as if that were humanly possible after his affair confession a couple of weeks ago, is resisting calls from GOP bigwigs in his state to resign.

Do you think he should? Please explain why or why not.

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16 Responses to “Informal poll: Should Mark Sanford resign?”


  1. NC Cop says:

    If he had approached this with some dignity and maturity, I think I could have looked past it. I still think his presidential hopes would have been dashed, but he still could have served as Governor.

    Now with, as S.T. pointed out, this “lovestruck” babble I think he needs to resign from politics. Don’t get me wrong, Clinton managed to screw around in the Oval office and the dems didn’t seem to care a wit, but that’s what makes us different than them.

    I don’t think Sanford is evil or bad, he just made some very poor choices.

  2. lu-ee says:

    you know what? why dont you have a poll about how many Americans think Obama should resign for his reckless and cowardly handling of the USA government & economy, as well as the USA’s armies & allies? hmmm? I agree Sanford should go, but are conservatives really going to ride rough-shod on him to resign, while ME, WE, & YOU do NOTHING about the liberals and their TYRANNY, INCOMPETENCE & COWARDICE? I MEAN THE OBAMA ADMINSTRATION HAS FORCED AT LEAST 3 IGS TO RESIGN BECAUSE THEY GOT TOO CLOSE TO OBAMA BACKERS UNETHICAL, IF NOT CRIMINAL, ACTIVITIES. YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

    damn i am getting VERY fed up with this LACK of getting people motivated to get rid of the liberals and instead you point the energy to republicans & their marriage mistakes!!!!


  3. Carlos says:

    I believe he should resign. He ran several times on a “family values” platform, and has shown disdain for those values in the conduct of his personal life. Translation: his personal comfort and wishes are more important than his honor, so he’s nothing more or less than a professional politician feeding at the public trough.

    As far as a former prez and his pecadillos go, he never based entire campaigns on family values. No jackass ever does. That’s why it’s like nailing jello to a wall when one brings up “family values”, fidelity, etc.

  4. Yax K'uk' Mo' says:

    I believe he should resign, but not because of the affair in and of itself. He should resign because he has proven himself to be an incompetent boob.

    –Spending taxpayer money to fund his liaisons.
    –Not telling people where he is going, not even his security detail.
    –Foisting the responsibility of running the state on others for days at a time.

    If this was our next “Rising Star,” it’s pretty dang fortunate that he burned out now.

    Heck, I’ve been “lovestruck” before, but I’ve never jeopardized my job over it. And I don’t have nearly the responsibility that he has.

  5. lu-ee says:

    …..oy vey if we are going to base this in context with Clinton’s pathological lying and adultery, it WAS because Clinton LIED about his infidelity UNDER OATH in a civil TRIAL for finacial damages by the “other woman”, which in turn, caused the ORIGINAL REASON why everyone screamed for Clinton’s head & resignation. Clinton BROKE THE LAW. Clinton should’ve been brought to trial in the US Senate, but the good ‘ol boy Senator network choked.

    sure…Clinton got to be impeached but he ALSO stayed in office and did his damage by carrying out more & more liberal appointments. Clinton is the main cause for so much liberalism in the courts not to mention in how the USA dealt with terrorist threats in the 90s(which was to do nothing BTW).

    ….if Sanford has shown some kind of misuse of public funds for this, by all means he should have the book thrown at him. But I sense some conservatives and/or republicans want to convict him before having a trial.

    …whats really hypocritcal about some comments of those who are offended, is when a politician admits to infidelity, he seems to be further beaten up by his own “family.” I am not talking about him making a fool over this in these ridiculous press conferences of his. I mean do we want politicians to be honest about mistakes or not? and yet Obama & the liberals are running around all over the place lying left & right and NO ONE CALLS FOR THEIR RESIGNATION.



    …lets not forget who is running the USA kitchen folks.

  6. lu, calm down and stop writing in all caps. I can assure you we can all read and understand what you’re saying without you yelling at people. I think we all understand the hypocrisy angle with Clinton, but who cares? The fact is that politicos need to be held accountable for their actions, and that’s what’s happening with Sanford. He lied to a lot of people and he’s being called out for his dishonesty from GOPers who expect the same thing from Democrat politicians. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the left on this issue doesn’t change that.

  7. Yes, he should resign. His transgressions of his vow to his wife is between the two of them, though it should give us pause to wonder about his integrity in public matters. However, his bizarre behavior since then calls into question his stability and mental health. For the good of the state, he should resign.

  8. lu-ee says:

    I am not saying to not hold him accountable, but is this on the level of impeachment or resigning? is it really? come on….

    ….Clinton committed an actual civil crime!!!

    I am just saying why dont you and other conservatives call for the head & resignation of Obama with this much energy & excitement, for Obama’s adulterous & pathetic running/ruining of this country??? why not?

    ….are we going to schedule protest & petitions to force Sanford to resign while everyone just lets the liberals & Obama get their way?? isnt this missing the bigger picture? ok how does this sound…sport players are role models too, right? so every player who fools around should retire? I mean at least prove corruption with Sanford affair, and then go for his head.

    we are being distracted. why not let the conservatives in S Carolina deal with him inteasd of mounting this nation-wide lynching? why is it that conservatives have been seriously eating each other alive and letting the liberals & Obama run circles around us & force legislation down our throats not to mention how they also force good peopel out of the government?

    every single day pundits should be crucifying to the computer screen, what the libs & Obama are doing. for cryin out loud, even helen thomas pounced on him.

    day in and day out we should have our eye on the liberal ball of corruption & cowardice & selling this beautiful country down the river.

    right now we should be promoting tea parties from coast to coast on the 4th. everyone knows conservatives are against adultery, among other immoral activitiies. let sanford make a fool of himself and let the people of his state deal with him.

    …how come there are no polls asking for the resignation of ALL the liberal (AND any conservative/republican for that matter) politicians in congress who are under criminal investigation? hmm?

    yet sanford is somehow equivalent to chavez, castro and the lucifer in his “crime” ?

    …..and YET, miraculously, Obama is the Annoited One, with no one laying a glove on him.

    PS I also agree with the previous poster that if sanford has some mental problem he should resign. I think he is just pathetic with these navel-gazing conferences trying to excuse his disgusting behavior. I do not condone conservative acting immorally. what i do not condone is going after our sinners with everything we have in the blogosphere and simultaneously allowing the liberals to implement their equally, if not worse, sinful legislation s, firings, & appointments.

  9. livingamongthehoodwinked says:

    Not for me to decide – S.Carolinians need to decide if Sanford is able to do what they hired (elected) him to do. S. Carolinians should also consider what they think is in his best interests also. While he may want to press on and get past this is that really in his own best interest? his wife’s? his kid’s?
    We don’t always know what is best for us. It is wise to surround yourself with wise people who love you so that when you can no longer see the trees or the forest your friends can see for you.

  10. Chris in NC says:

    I was all in for the resign camp, but, since then, the Law Enforcement Division for SC has cleared him of any wrong doing regarding state funds on his trips. Apparently with one exception, he went there on his own dime and that one exception was for a conference he was supposed to go for in the first place and when there, anything related to the tryst was paid by him, not the SC taxpayers. Source here

    Now the governor begin AWOL without anyone knowing? Yeah, that’s a resign offense.

    But as for the affair, well, don’t like it, but that’s not enough for me to say “see ya”. But then again, I voted for Rudy, so what do I know!

  11. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    If Sanford had any concern for his family, he would resign. If he had any regard for the GOP, he would resign. But I doubt that he will. Like Clinton, it’s all about me me me!

    The worst thing that could happen for all concerned is if he tries to brazen it out and do the Clintonian everybody-does-it-only-my-opponents-are-much-much-worse shtick. I suspect that the state-run media would love that – any excuse to bash non-Democrats and keep everyone’s mind off of the soaring unemployment rate.

    And sooner or later the Michael Jackson circus has to grind to a halt, but The Many Loves Of Governor Mark Sanford could play on for quite some time.

    I am sure glad that I am no longer a Republican.

  12. lu-ee says:

    personally I feel darn great to be a conservative (registered independent who will be changing to either republican or conservative) who has voted for republican & conservative party politicians who admit their weaknesses, sins, & mistakes. This is so much better than the democrat liberal side of American politics who think they are infallible and have to answer to no one.

    What is a typical liberal democrat answer to being caught doing drugs: “i didn’t inhale.”

    What is a typical liberal democrat answer to being caught in adultery: “i didn’t have sex with that woman.”

    also right now there are alot more liberal democrats who are under criminal & ethics investigation and the list just just keeps getting longer. Not to mention the several scandals simmering within the Obama White House. Not least is the IG firings because they were too close to the crimes of Obama backers. Not too mention Obama’s cowardice in handling Iran and Honduras. The silence as pro-democracy citizens in Iran were slaughtered & are being slaughtered. we had vieo for crying out loud of the death squads!!! This is the first time i have experienced a president who has sided against a validly set up democracy in the Amercias and instead aligned himself with leaders of the socialist & communist governments in the Amercias. That is shameful. I could never ever register as a democrat after such a display of cold-heartedness, incompetence & cowardice.

    Yes, right now, I am damn proud to be a person who votes for republicans. If I were a democrat supporter I would ask myself how I ever voted for a party&president who have broken so many promises to the American people as well as made so many anti-USA decisions since gaining the White House & Congress.

    If one realizes that when Obama was asked what was the one vote/decision he cast as a senator he regretted most, and he answered the vote to stop the starving of Schiavo, one can see within the soul of Obama how truly calculating & heartless this man is. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, as well as the party who supports, even to denying to help the weak & helpless. The concepts of true justice & charity do not even register on this man’s conscience. Truly we have a president who believes in the “end justifies the means.” This is something Sanford is not about, and I believe the republican party is not about either. This is why so many conservatives & republicans are so upset with Sanford. The republican & conservative parties have a conscience which is so much more enlightened & so much better than the liberal & democrat parties.

    needless to say, i reiterate my position that if Sanford has abused public funds or is mentally unstable then he should resign. If not, its up the S.C. govt & electorate to decide.

  13. Lorica says:

    I agree with MD. If he had any regard for the future of the Rep party he would resign on his own. He should take the time off to heal his family. Ignoring their pain is very selfish and to say the people of SC need him only presents an opportunity to occupy his life with that work, and the whole time not overcome this foolishness in his life.

    With that being said, I have never broken up with anyone, but to say it took 5 days to do it is just idiotic. What did he do, boink her for 4 days, then wake up on the 5th and decide to break up with her?? Whatever.

    He should go, and the people of SC should tell him in no uncertain terms. – Lorica

  14. Lorica says:

    Lu, can you tell me how many lawsuits are presently in the courts against Barack Obama?? What do you think the tea parties were all about?? We the People are speaking out, but it is a little tough to speak out when you have tied your hands supporting this hypocrisy. As far as Clinton goes, it is the past and there was outrage, this is why Gore lost no matter how badly the Dem party wanted to cheat to win. – Lorica

  15. TomStPaul says:

    Luee, I’m not sure I understand your position on Clinton Sanford’s transgressions. Could you please expand a bit on your previous posts?

  16. Bluejazz says:

    Yes he should. If he truly believes in those conservative principles he has espoused and he believes that the country is in desperate shape, he must because he is now a caricature and hurts his stated causes

    He has become an embarrassment to his wife, his state, to the principles he has stated and to those who have supported him.

    His actions place him where he is; if he is truly a patriot who stumbled he should realize the best thing he could do for all is to fall on his political sword.