Declaring today “Bad News for Obama Day” (UPDATED)

Posted by: ST on July 9, 2009 at 11:10 am

As I scanned the headlines just a few minutes ago at Memeorandum, it struck me how many bad news stories I saw that directly impact the administration negatively. Here they are:

—– The Politico reports that Independents are starting to edge away from Obama.

—–The USA Today has exposed the fact that “billions” in stimulus money went to areas that backed President Obama in 2008.

—– ABC’s The Note writes an embarassing story on the administration about how $18 million is being spent to redesign the Recovery.Gov website.

—– The Boston Globe points out that in the ObamaCare bill, billions have been allotted for parks, walking paths, jungle gyms, etc.

Are the American people – and, dare I say – some in the mainstream media finally waking up?

Update – 11:54 AM: Well, whaddaya know? The $18 million contract to redesign the Recovery.Gov website went to … a contributor to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (via Ed).

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    1. Linda F says:

      Nope. This is just getting the attention of those who already opposed him. It’ll be some time until he gets the rest of the country to wake up.

      I’m betting about the time taxes are due next year, when the Obamidiots realize that their “free money” last year is considered an advance on their allowance. Talk to people – most haven’t a clue that the stimulus money is essentially a loan against next year’s taxes, and has to be taken off the expected refund.

    2. Carlos says:

      And the really bright side, hopefully, is that all these articles are the good news. Wait till he sees the BAD news.

    3. NC Cop says:

      The people won’t care. They voted for him because he was cool and hip and had a nice smile. None of that has changed for the Obamazombies. The media will mention it and then move on whereas if this had been Bush in office it would have been on every network and newspaper for weeks at a time.

    4. RickinTexas says:

      If this administration paid attention to the daily polls they would notice a trend that is not your daily ups and downs. Rasmussen today -8 down from +30 in January. That will give everyone up for reelection in 2010 something to think about. It is time for new faces on both sides of the aisle. If I ran GM I would retool and start mass producing lite weight pitchforks because we are coming.

    5. MissJean says:

      My siblings and I discussed this and decided that we would count on NOT getting a tax refund this year (and the youngest is planning on having to pay for the first time).

      The sad thing is that normally, the chronically jobless and the lowest end of the working poor (at least around here) don’t notice huge fluctuations in taxation. But this time, many of the services are being cut and charities are having a hard time filling the gap. Not surprising; tax-deductions for charitable contributions is being lowered. That’s not even counting the drop-off of corporate sponsors who subsidize educational programs.

      When the “freebies” start to disappear, more people are going to realize just how government is no substitute for the “greedy” corporations and their workers.

    6. Erick says:

      There is no doubt — Obama is the WORST President ever.

      His disapproval rating only took 5 1/2 months to fall below his approval ratings.

    7. Dennis D says:

      Lets not leave out Michelles $6000 Alligator Purse. I am sure PETA will be attacking her soon.

    8. MissJean says:

      Oh, I forgot this “in the ObamaCare bill, billions have been allotted for parks, walking paths, jungle gyms, etc”. It makes sense to me. If you want to live, you have to stay fit. Play! Walk! Jog! as if your life depended on it.

      Just don’t fall off those jungle gyms and hurt yourself TOO badly. Uncle Sam can’t be taking care of disabled or injured people who can’t fend for themselves.

    9. Lorica says:

      —–The USA Today has exposed the fact that “billions” in stimulus money went to areas that backed President Obama in 2008.

      Noooo!! Really?? The stimulus money went not to “shovel ready” jobs, but to Obama special interests?? Whodda thunk it??

      It is my prayer that the plans for this administration fall flat on it’s face. Yes I said it, I want Obama’s socialist plans for this country to fail. If the people who voted for Obama, would have just looked past the kiss-a** media’s foolish reporting on the man, they would have discovered a life aimed at sucking up to radicals and counter-culture freak jobs, such as Ayers, Wright and Rezzko.

      There are just too many holes in this guys lies that were never looked into to please me, and his voters should have been more discriminating. That’s not to bring up the blatant lying to suck up to powerful San Francisco voters. Our only hope is that he continues to screw things up to the point where voters come to their senses. Lord I pray that happens in 2010. – Lorica

    10. Buzz Lodi says:

      Most young and poor and dems voted for him. They thought they were going to get something for nothing. He lied about taxes,lied about drilling for oil, gas, and nuclear power. Lied about reading every bill, hireing lobbiests and so on and so on. Our great Nation may never be the same. We have gotten so far from what our founding fathers wanted for us. God is being pushed to the side and we will pay the price. Its good that we have a black president, but you all voted him in for the wrong reasons.

    11. terry says:

      i dont have a job and michelle obama can
      buy a purse for 6000 dollors change you
      will have to live with to 2012

    12. Neo says:

      I wonder if Wolf Blitzer will go back to his meme on CNN’s “The Situation Room” of asking the followup question to every story .. How is this bad for the President ? that he stopped using once Bush was gone.

    13. Brontefan says:

      I have been wondering when millions of OB lovers would cease slobbering and start paying attention. For years I have heard rumors about how much trouble Social Security is in; I figure this ObamaCare is all about eliminating the need to pay so many Baby Boomers Social Security. If you deny health care treatments to these senior citizens, and they die, you don’t need to worry about paying out Social Security. As a Baby Boomer, I pay special attention to National Health Care. I saw first hand how it “works” in England when I was teaching there. Did I hear a rumor that is against the nationalize health care? or was it just the taxing of insurance benefits?

    14. Ron Russell says:

      Politics as usual in the usual place Washington. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours with someone elses backscratcher. Obama targeting more money into blue areas in not surprising to me. The name of the game is buying votes. Added you to my blogroll at Totus.

    15. Helen says:

      Blimey, don’t you guys have days on which something big happens and all the bad news can be buried? Guess we’re ahead of you on that one. <:-p

    16. Brontefan says:

      Okay, Ron Russell. . . I’ll ask: What is a blogroll at Totus?

    17. Bronte, re: your question about MoveOn, they were recently targeting Democrat Senators who were against the public option in the ObamaCare plan, if I recall correctly.

    18. Ron Russell says:

      Maybe this is the CHANGE we can count on and we can HOPE it continues. I’m beginning to see change and hope in a new way, hallelijah!