Declaring today “Bad News for Obama Day” (UPDATED)

As I scanned the headlines just a few minutes ago at Memeorandum, it struck me how many bad news stories I saw that directly impact the administration negatively. Here they are:

—– The Politico reports that Independents are starting to edge away from Obama.

—–The USA Today has exposed the fact that “billions” in stimulus money went to areas that backed President Obama in 2008.

—– ABC’s The Note writes an embarassing story on the administration about how $18 million is being spent to redesign the Recovery.Gov website.

—– The Boston Globe points out that in the ObamaCare bill, billions have been allotted for parks, walking paths, jungle gyms, etc.

Are the American people – and, dare I say – some in the mainstream media finally waking up?

Update – 11:54 AM: Well, whaddaya know? The $18 million contract to redesign the Recovery.Gov website went to … a contributor to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (via Ed).

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