Melanie Phillips on Obama’s non-post racial presidency

Posted by: ST on July 29, 2009 at 11:14 am

In a post about Obama’s poorly informed reaction to the arrest of Henry Gates, Melanie Phillips relects back on what she, yours truly, and many others have been saying for the last two years about how Obama has been anything but a “post-racial” politico, and how he has repeatedly used race time and time again – sometimes overtly and other times subtly – for political gain, playing the race card with the full complicity of the spintastic, covering-for-him-at-all-times mainstream media.

So much of what his critics were saying about him last year – and the year before, for that matter – have come to light, thanks for the most part to alernative media outlets and citizen journalists. We can only hope that by continuing to shine the light that the MSM refuses to that the truth of who President Obama is, his agenda, and that of the Democrats in Congress will sink in to the masses before the 2010 elections. Otherwise, it’s a long time til the 2012 fireworks begin.

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4 Responses to “Melanie Phillips on Obama’s non-post racial presidency”


  1. bill glass says:

    What got him elected? His experience and decisiveness? – no…His looks and speaking ability? -maybe… Racial politics was a big part of it. Now the question for Obama is how to use his race card in a new and more effective way.

  2. Carlos says:

    Unfortunately, most “informed citizenry” still get their news (what little they pay attention to aside from “American Idol”) from the MSM, and will continue to do so because the donks and their MSM lovers have effectively demonized Fox News and conservative (notice I didn’t say “other”) outlets.

    Until it stops working, His Hollowness will continue using “racism” as their trump card and scaring AARP members as their M.O.

  3. Great White Rat says:

    No one with more than two functioning brain cells thought Obama was “post-racial”. That was just more of the unicorn-and-Skittles messianic image his lackeys in the MSM concocted. You’d have to be in full denial of reality to buy such nonsense, but then again, that describes liberals perfectly.

    You want post-racial? It’s not in Obama, but it exists. If you want to see someone who personifies post-racial, I give you Officer Kelly King of Cambridge, MA.

  4. Brontefan says:

    Obama never had a race issue! OB uses the race issue. The so-called “disconnect” he felt in prep school was over the absndonment by his mother & his father—not race. In Hawaii, people of color are the norm. I lived in Hawaii during the time he was attending that expensive prep school. No, this is a man who schmoozed his way onto the front stage and found an issue he could use–race. And anyone who thought he was post-racial should listen to some of Rev. Wright’s famous speeches–won’t call them homilies. OB may perpetuate this post-racial mode, but just like the term “reverse racist” [which does not exist!] it is founded on the premise that only white people are racist. Prof. Gates, a personal friend of OB, is also racist. OB may have thought the Presidency was the perfect place to hammer his agenda home–but this time rhetoric did not work. He did not miscalibrate his words. We all understood exactly what he was saying–and many were offended. When does this guy actually run the country?