So what if Lucia Whalen had told the 911 operator the alleged “burglars” were black?

Posted by: ST on July 29, 2009 at 6:55 pm

The woman who made the now-famous 911 call reporting on behalf of a concerned resident about a suspicious possible break-in in a nearby home spoke for the first time publicly today about what she said on the call, and insists she never said the word “black” – not on the call, nor directly to Crowley when he arrived on the scene:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Lucia Whalen, whose 911 call led to the arrest of the Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home, made her first public comments Wednesday, saying at no time did she ever mention race to the responding police officer.

Ms. Whalen’s statements contradict the police report filed by Sgt. James Crowley, who said Ms. Whalen told him outside Mr. Gates’s home that she had seen “what appeared to be two black males with backpacks” on the porch of the yellow single-family house.

Ms. Whalen said that the only words she exchanged with Sergeant Crowley in person were, “I was the 911 caller.” She said that he responded, “Stay right there.”

Ms. Whalen, 40, her voice cracking and body shaking, said she was deeply hurt by the reaction to the incident on July 16 and had been the target of threats. She said she was reluctant to speak out earlier but finally decided to do so with the support of her husband, Paul, and her family.

“When I was called a racist, I was the target of scorn and ridicule because of things I never said,” she told the reporters gathered in a park here at midday. She added, “The criticism hurt me as a person but also hurt the community of Cambridge.”

On Monday, the Cambridge police released the tape of Ms. Whalen’s 911 call in which she told the dispatcher she had “no idea” if two men — who turned out to be Professor Gates and his driver — were breaking into the house, repeatedly mentioning that they might live there. She said that the two men pushed a door in with their shoulders, and that she was unsure “if they live there and just had a hard time with their key.”

Ms. Whalen did not mention the men’s race until a dispatcher asked her if they were black, white or Hispanic.

“There were two larger men,” she said in the audio released Monday. “One looked kind of Hispanic, but I’m not really sure,” she said, adding that she did not see what the second man “looked like at all.”

Ms. Whalen also told the dispatcher that she called 911 on behalf of an elderly neighbor who saw the men trying to get into the house.

On Wednesday, she said she hoped that with the tapes out, “people can see that I tried to be careful,” adding that she never thought that her words “would be analyzed by an entire nation.”

“Tried to be careful”?? I feel for this woman and the intense scrutiny she and her call have been put under by the perpetually offended race hustlers, race baiters and others, primarily on the left, who routinely and shamelessly use the issue of race for political gain. She’s being made to feel bad about something she didn’t say on the call – but there is a dispute, of course, as to whether or not she said “black people” to Sgt. Crowley once he arrived on the scene. His report says she did; she said today that she did not. Keep in mind that two days ago her lawyer said Whalen had “never” mentioned race ever, but she did on the 911 call. Her lawyer also said that Whalen told her she never spoke with Crowley in person, but today she admitted she did. There’s a lot of misinfo being spread, so I want to make sure I have my facts in order.

Back to the “black people” issue: so what if Officer Crowley is right and Whalen did mention that the two people trying to get into the house were black? They WERE black! No one should be made guilty for trying to do the right thing by giving every detail they can about the alleged crime they believe they are witnessing. But as we’ve seen all too often before with our wallowing-in-liberal-white-guilt mainstream media, any mention of the word “black” – whether it be made by a conservative Republican or a woman describing a possible criminal breaking into a house – it’s wrong, it’s “racist,” it’s “profiling,” and, in this instance, it would make what President Obama said last week about the Cambridge police “acting stupidly” sound a little less, well, stupid. Anyone who has read Coloring The News knows how the media is often loathe to describe a criminal suspect as black for fear of accusations of “negative stereotyping.” Heck, to be frank, you don’t even have to read CLN to know that.

What we have here is another fine example of what “post-racialism” in America looks like: A woman whose every word and syllable has been analyzed, scrutinized, criticized, ridiculed, etc simply because she allegedly referred to the two people who were trying to get into the house – who were black – as black. BS like this is exactly why have so much trouble moving forward in this country on the issue of race – because the victimhood mentality in which liberals deliberately stay immersed on the issue won’t let us. Everyone’s a victim, everyone’s being stereotyped and that’s wrong!

Except when you are, of course, a white, conservative Christian. But I digress.

But fear not! Obama apologist extraordinaire Andrew Sullivan is trying to help Whalen rehab her reputation with the liberal elite – and in the process trying to make his Presidential hero look better over “StupidGate” – by declaring Whalen’s story 100% factual and accurate, and furthermore suggests that this issue is more than just about race … it’s also about “freedom of speech”:

So Crowley made the assumption that they were black and treated Gates as a criminal because he was a black man in a nice house. Meanwhile, Forbes points out the core issue here: freedom of speech. Crowley thinks he can arrest you for it. I think it’s important to insist that that isn’t true. But if you come across Crowley, it’s worth remembering that if you insult him, he will arrest you. And you probably aren’t as powerful as Skip Gates.

So you see – it’s not that Crowley’s just some closet racist whose anti-black tendencies boiled to the surface when he confronted who he thought may have been a potential burglar in a neighborhood where there had been some recent break-ins, but he’s also a virulent anti-First Amendment type who, as it is implied, would just as soon burn your right to free speech as arrest an “innocent black man.” Apparently in Sullivan’s world, it’s ok to get away with creating a public disturbance and just being an all around rude jerk showing your a$$ as long as you are sticking it to “the man” – and making President Obama look better for calling the authorities “stupid” in the process.

Oh – but just to prove that Sully’s not a total Obama shill, I point you to one of his posts today on the “Birther” issue:

But why are we supposed to rely on the testimony of Dr Fukino, whom I believe entirely. It is not my job as a journalist or yours as a citizen to take public officials on trust. They are not to be trusted, whoever they are. It is our job to demand all the evidence we want or need. I know the electronic record is legit. I have no doubt that Obama has every constitutional right to be president. I think the Birthers are nuts. But there is no reason on earth that the original cannot be retrieved and shown. Jon Klein and CNN were wrong, and I retract my apology of yesterday.

Obama promised total transparency. Where is it? Or will it arrive at the moment when he tackles the deficit, and withdraws from Iraq?

I’d say it depends on whether or not Crowley – who is strongly supported and respected by whites, blacks, and Hispanics on the Cambridge police force – tries to get away with arresting both Obama AND Gates tomorrow night after drinking a few bad beers at the “reconciliation” table. After all, Crowley just can’t help himself when it comes to arresting black people for “no reason.” The state is out to get you!!!!! and all that …

Let’s hope and pray that the photos that come out of the staged “bridge building” won’t be too nauseating to look at. :-&

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14 Responses to “So what if Lucia Whalen had told the 911 operator the alleged “burglars” were black?”


  1. Ron Russell says:

    I always thought that when reporting a crime you need to give all the details possible to help the police–hair color,eye color, clothes worn, and race if possible. Political correctness ends when reporting crime and many on the left love to downplay crime committed by minorities while playing up that committed by whites. Thing have really gotten out of hand and the goof in the White House has not and will not help. Obugger is a racist himself and quite frankly, I’m sure of it. His past actions speak louder than, much louder that his words.

  2. Rob says:

    First I think Lucia Whalen is living in fear of the influential PC police in Cambridge, most likely at Harvard University where she works. She also lives in a town, Malden, poorer than Cambridge with a significant minority presence so she probably does not like being labeled a racist as she was being because it may affect home life. Secondly, I’m guessing she probably is a liberal and is aghast at the portrayal she was initially getting from liberals and other spiteful Gates’ supporters. She was reportedly trying to play up being an “olive-American” because she’s of Portuguese descent, it seems a typically liberal “I’m a victim too” ploy to garner support. The fact she won’t answer whether she could ear yelling coming from Gates’ house seems significant also.

  3. Carol says:

    I truly am disappointed that Crowley is agreeing to go to the White House. I believe it is an attempt on Obama’s part to push all of this under the rug … not to mention avoiding an apology for his retarded statement without knowing the facts. I’ll bet my house Crowley has been pressured by the powers that be in his liberal state to make nice. In the end Crowley will be made the fool.

    Obama bashes the police department, causes a huge setback on race relations in our country and then jokes and laughs about the three of them “throwing down a beer”. I don’t know about you, but it’s totally disgusting to me.

    About the woman who called 911 and supposedly never said “Black”, she sounds politically correct to me, probably from pressure to make Obama’s “acted stupidly” comment not sound so ignorant and damaging to this great country. In the end after tomorrow’s beer bash Officer Crowley will be called a liar and racist and he will be damaged forever. All of this while Obama walks with his nose in the air and so much arrogance I want to vomit.

    God bless America!

  4. dutchcedar says:

    Did the other “larger man” ever get identified? My point is, her information was wrong on quantity as well as quantity.

    Not that it matters.

  5. Anon says:

    I, too, have been confused over why it’s important whether or not the woman described the men’s race.

    I suppose the suggestion is that if she had said they were black she would be assuming that they were burglars because they were black. The underlying idea is that she would watch 2 men of any other race shoulder their way into a house and assume that they were residents with a sticky door.


    She was acting like a good neighbor, a good citizen, and if the men had been burglars she would have been hailed as such. Wonder why she doesn’t rate a brewsky with Obama?

  6. Severian says:

    Oh yeah, let’s not do anything drastic or unwise like, say, oh, tell the police identifying information about the suspects when reporting a suspected crime now. Can’t have them stopping the right suspect now can we.

    Cripes you just can’t make this stuff up can you? /:)

  7. Courtney says:

    Wow. Thanks for posting exactly what I was thinking. As soon as I read the title I was like “HELL YA!” People love to be identified by race if it helps them to get into college, but it’s racist when telling reporting a criminal??

  8. NC Cop says:

    I said long ago that eventually departments would be outlawed from using race in descriptions of suspects. I honestly think it is coming and I think this will be a major push for that.

    Political correctness is coming to destroy us all.

  9. John in Texas says:

    Down here in Texas….the newspapers and TV stations, often won’t mention the race of a suspect who is on the loose…even when that race is known. But, they will mention what clothes the suspect was wearing.

    Well God knows…we all wear the same clothes every day…don’t we?

    And, let’s say that you put out info that suspects were wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans…..WITHOUT mentioning the race of the suspect. Then couldn’t totally honest folks wearing that outfit be “profiled” and questioned?

  10. Steve Skubinna says:

    We know the caller did not mention race during the 9/11 call, and I think it likely she didn’t during her brief interview with Sgt. Crowley. Remember that the officer writes up the report afterwards, so it’s very likely that he unconsciously put that detail in, especially since it became the overwhelming topic of the incident.

    Sullivan, as usual, is blithering like an idiot. Does he really think that Sgt. Crowley, responding to a 9/11 report of a break in, on finding a white man in a house with a forced door, would simply say “Oops, sorry, sir, my bad. Thought you was one ‘a them dusky skinned innocent citizens what I am always bustin’ for no reason. Have a nice day.”

    What kinds of drugs are in Sullivan’s anti-HIV cocktail?

  11. Kate says:

    We all know that it’s the cops who are stupid…not the media who blew this story out of proportion or Obama who staged the question at his news event. This is wrong on so many levels it’s unbelievable.

    It appears to me that our blessed leader wishes to address the issue of race….this is good propaganda for the masses in his book. He wants a teachable moment to prove how wonderful and respectful he is of everyone…AFTER branding police as STUPID.

    I hope he gets a bad batch of BUD since he probably would really like one of those effeminate brews from Europe…like that white Belgian beer that takes like spit.

  12. Steve wrote:

    We know the caller did not mention race during the 9/11 call, and I think it likely she didn’t during her brief interview with Sgt. Crowley. Remember that the officer writes up the report afterwards, so it’s very likely that he unconsciously put that detail in, especially since it became the overwhelming topic of the incident.

    She did mention the possibility of one of the alleged “burglars” being Hispanic on the 911 call – I know it’s an ethnicity rather than race, but I think it’s an irrelevant distinction in the scheme of things, especially when talking about alleged profiling and/or discrimination.

    I think there is another possibility in all this: That Whalen may HAVE told Crowley at the scene that the two people she saw were black (she had time to look a little more after she made the call to the police, I’m guessing) but has been made to feel such guilt over the whole issue of describing suspects as possibly being black that she’s fearful of admitting it and doesn’t want to be harassed anymore about it. It goes back to what I wrote in my post: It shouldn’t matter whether or not she called the alleged “burglars” black or not – because they were. But the “national conversation” has suggested that it would be outrageous to do so. Your scenario is possible as well – either way I don’t think it should shed a negative light on Crowley’s actions, which were praised by white, black, and Hispanic officers as we saw earlier this week, actions that are only being harshly criticized primarily by the Obama-worshipping mainstream mediots and racemongers in the Dem party.

  13. JohnRJ08 says:

    I fail to understand the interest in Ms. Whalen. Even if she had said she saw two black men, that would have been AFTER the dispatcher taking the call asked her directly if they were white, black or hispanic. If she thought they were black, that is zero proof that she is a racist. Also, it didn’t matter what officer Crowley was told by the dispatcher who sent him to the scene. Crowley did not know for sure what the suspects looked liked, and I put the emphasis on the plural “suspects”. When Crowley arrived at the scene, he had to anticipate that there might be at least two intruders inside the house. When he saw Gates through the glass panes next to the front door, he had no choice but to assume that Gates might be one of them. When Gates responded to his simple requests in a belligerent and totally uncooperative manner, Crowley would have been an idiot to just walk away.

    I do not see this little kegger that President Obama is throwing at the White House coming close to resolving this situation in the mind of the public. A white police officer is being summoned by the President of the United States to face a man who screamed in his face that he was a “racist rogue cop” and an African-American president who announced on national television that he acted “stupidly”. Just exactly who in this meeting is supposed to feel contrite or mollified? If Obama asks Sgt. Crowley to admit that he over-reacted to the situation, you can bet that Crowley is going to refuse to admit any such thing. This, no doubt, will light Gates’ rather short fuse and turn the meeting into a catastrophe for everybody. From the beginning, Obama has mismanaged and misjudged this entire situation.

    I think there is growing concern right now about a wave of reverse racism and racial intimidation. People want racial harmony, but what they’re seeing is a new kind of racial bias emerging. I was reminded of this fact as I watched news reports of this incident wedged in between CNN’s multiple airings of “Black in America”. This, on the heels of the media’s deification of Michael Jackson. In Los Angeles, white parents can’t even get their children into charter schools because African-American applicants are being awarded extra “points” just for being black. We need to be honest enough with each other that these kinds of inequalities don’t resurface in new forms as a de facto comeuppance or retributive mindset which will create even more racial tension in our society.

  14. This morning on Fox Strategy Room I saw some black professor (not Gates) try to make a big deal out of what Whalen said. It was pathetic.

    On the one hand this whole thing is silly, on the other the race baiters use it to ruin innocent lives. We have to stand up and stop it.