The mob rule starts

Posted by: ST on August 7, 2009 at 9:51 am

Well, we all knew that once union thugs started getting involved in the ObamaCare town hall debates, that things were going to get ugly – and they have. Memeorandum has multiple links to reports of violence at two ObamaCare town halls last night, one in Tampa and the other in St. Louis. There were six arrests at the one in St. Louis, and among those allegedly arrested were SEIU members – who, according to Jim Hoft, were given preferential treatment at the town hall. One black conservative was reportedly beaten up by a union thug and had to be taken to the hospital.

Check out this photo of a prominent Democrat operative in Tampa – whose husband was standing next to her – slapping a man opposed to ObamaCare.

Dana Loesch has several photographs of the anti-ObamaCare “mobs” in St. Louis – scary!

Seriously – stay safe, ya’ll, but stand your ground. This is not the time to back down.

Update – 11:42 AM: Check out more links re: union thuggery at the town halls here.

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15 Responses to “The mob rule starts”


  1. Carlos says:

    With pea-brained thugs being big-time union-boss-wannabees, the danger to common citizens (you know, those “nazi mobsters” Pelosi refers to) is increased exponentially.

    Does one really believe the jackass socialists are going to allow debate on any of “Duh-1’s” primary target agendas? If you do, I’ve got some wonderful beachfront property in Vegas I can sell you at a real steal!

    Look for 1) more vicious attacks on citizens by ObamaBrownShirts, and 2) them paying minimal penalties (time and money imposed by the courts) for their nazi behavior. Union have always depended upon mob mentality and rule. Now they can play freely with the blessings of union-commander-in-chief Zero.

  2. Great White Rat says:

    I’m suuuuuure it’s just a coincidence that whenever the left gets involved in some cause, things turn violent:

    – Obama’s sponsor Bill Ayers and his terrorist friends planting bombs.

    – The PETA nuts attacking people wearing politically incorrect clothing.

    – Conservative speakers on campuses being physically assaulted.

    – Left-wing operatives invading local GOP headquarters during election campaigns and assaulting volunteers – and later slashing tires on cars.

    – Overt voter intimidation at the polls in Philadelphia last year – now with the blessing of the Obama administration.

    – An endless list of union thugs dispatched by the Democrats to brutalize people and destroy property.

    This has all happened before, but now there’s one big difference. As far as I can tell, this is the first time a national campaign of street violence for politcal purposes has been advocated directly and openly from the White House.

    NC Cop was right in the previous thread – we’re turning into Venezuela, where the dictator calls out goon squads to handle anyone who dares to dissent.

    November 2010 can’t get here soon enough for me.

  3. Tim from MO says:

    Is this how the unions will respond when they get “Card Check”. I’m worried for my 69 year old mother who works at Wal-Mart getting paid a “visit” when the time comes to unionize her supercenter.

  4. bill glass says:

    Media coverage associating Obama supporting union ruffians with his obamacare health proposals can only be a good thing. Hopefully, this entire fiasco goes down in flames, however the press has a great deal invested in their support for BO, so expect a watered-down bill to get full press backing.

  5. Steve Skubinna says:

    Remember, we voted for this. And no good pointing out that perhaps you, personally, made a different choice. This is what we end up with.

    The thugs have the reins of government, and they’re not going to tolerate anyone – certainly not citizens soon to be made into serfs – giving them backchat.

  6. yo says:

    The guy was black that got beat up, therefor it’s a hate crime.

  7. Neo says:

    It’s so good to see how President Obama has brought us all together … a national “Kumbaya” moment.

    Everybody sing …

  8. Lorica says:

    You Know, I keep having this reoccuring thought when reading these stories. Where the hell is the Republican leadership during all of this?? Has anyone heard a peep out of these guys with all of this going on?? They should be infront of the mics denouncing Pelosi, Reid and the Barry over all of their comments. They should be encouraging these Democrats voters to speak their minds in these town hall meetings. What exactly are they doing??? – Lorica

  9. 2Hotel9 says:

    Time to teach Union thugs what happens when they screw with real human beings, time to crush their anti-American asses.

  10. Carlos says:

    yo, the guy was obviously off the plantation, therefore just as obviously was not a counting minority. Ergo, it couldn’t be a hate crime.

    Lorica, why should Steele and the RNC raise a ruckus about this? It would only irritate the MSM they want to be adored by, so they’re just hoping it will go away.

    Tim from MO, excellent point, one every person needs to keep in mind next year when voting for your rep.

    And finally, please don’t lose sight of what this is all about, people – socialist health “care”. It’s still in the hopper, and if it doesn’t pass this year the thugs, goons and politicians will be back next year. Fight it like you’d fight an amendment to get rid of the Second Amendment (which will be back-doored by Zero within a year).

  11. vigilocanis says:

    Paul Krugman, every liberal’s favorite mischievous looking economist, writing in the liberal’s Bible, the New York Times on August 6, joinED the liberal choir in singing the now popular song about how the town hallers are just paid puppets of the right.

    Although Krugman does not go all the way in his endorsement of the characterization of the town hallers by Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs as analogous to Gibbs’ characterization comparing hallers to the “Brooks Brothers mob of Republican hacks” of the 2000 presidential election; he invests just enough of his reputation to make readers think that the town hallers may just be synonumous of Gibbs’ 2000 group..

    He cites two conservative groups as the main organizers of one event without giving a shred of evidence. One group, he says is led by former congressman Dick Army, who couldn’t organize a four person sit-in at a poker table.

    Krugman went so far in his column to label the crowd to an “angry white voter” imputing a racist sentiment to the group, again without a scintilla of evidence to support his contention. So much for scholarly research by the learned professor.

    Just observing the individual hallers in the news report, it would seem to be easier to convince Obama to say something nice about George W than to bribe these passionate Uncle Ned and Aunt Bertha type hallers to do anything other than tell the truth.

    The hallers appear to be the same type people who show up at many political meetings across America…..passionate activists from the across the political spectrum that have a bone to pick about something the government has either done or is about to do them, that they want stopped.

    Experts say animals can smell fear in humans or at least detect erratic behavior that excites a killer instinct in the predator. It is apparent that Obama and his coterie of Democrat shills have shown enough vulnerability on ObamaCare to trigger a instinctual predator response in the prey turned predator hallers. The hallers smell fear and taste liberal blood in the water.

    One can sense their fear just by checking the comments in the blogs.

    When 50% to 75% of liberal columnists, television commentators, and blog posters and commenters write about conservative positions on ObamaCare, they either blame the nation’s problems on Bush or Cheney, or; they attack conservatives personally by trying to demonize the individual or discount his intelliegence. Both characterizations are offered in lieu of an evidence to refute the conservative’s dissenting position.

    Krugman chooses to dehumanize the hallers as angry racist crowds similar to yhe other ill informed sycophants instead of presenting information that proves his position as the award winning economist that he is.

    In closing, try to remember the 2000 president race. Remember the true mobs of demonstrators screaming, “Bush lied, people died” ad nausea.

    I attended the Republican convention that year and saw the thousand of demonstrators who would have tried to physically intimate the Republican attendees (and a few did) had it not been for the NYPD. And yet I do not remember a single news report reporting that the mob was orchestrated or organized by special interest groups. Today’s media seems incapable of describing hallers as anything other than mind numbed robots incapable of having a sincere, intelligent point of view.

  12. Jo says:

    Lorica, I agree? Where are the Republicans? Sitting idly by grooming their nails? Has that party disintegrated into nothing? God help us all. And yet, I know some people, one couple spcifically, small business owners, former educators (there’s the problem, really) who think Obama is God’s gift to America and doing a ‘fine job’ to hear them tell it. But he smokes at least six a day and she is a closet smoker. Do they think that under the New Deal in health care that they would be spared or given extraordinary life saving treatment????!! What does it take?