The mob rule starts

Well, we all knew that once union thugs started getting involved in the ObamaCare town hall debates, that things were going to get ugly – and they have. Memeorandum has multiple links to reports of violence at two ObamaCare town halls last night, one in Tampa and the other in St. Louis. There were six arrests at the one in St. Louis, and among those allegedly arrested were SEIU members – who, according to Jim Hoft, were given preferential treatment at the town hall. One black conservative was reportedly beaten up by a union thug and had to be taken to the hospital.

Check out this photo of a prominent Democrat operative in Tampa – whose husband was standing next to her – slapping a man opposed to ObamaCare.

Dana Loesch has several photographs of the anti-ObamaCare “mobs” in St. Louis – scary!

Seriously – stay safe, ya’ll, but stand your ground. This is not the time to back down.

Update – 11:42 AM: Check out more links re: union thuggery at the town halls here.

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