AJC columnist: Over half those opposed to ObamaCare are “racists”

Following in the footsteps of ultra-left wing columnist Paul “Kruggie” Krugman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker earlier this week expressed the viewpoint that the primary motivation for opposition to ObamaCare was … racism. Via Mark Finkelstein at NB:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Put 100 of these people in a room. Strap them into gurneys. Inject them with sodium pentathol. How many of them would say “I don’t like the idea of having a black president”? What percentage?

CYNTHIA TUCKER: Oh, I’m just guessing. This is just off the cuff. I think 45 to 65% of the people who appear at these groups are people who will never be comfortable with the idea of a black president.

You can view the video of her remarks on the “Hardball” at that same link. Not pictured: The tingle that ran up Chris Matthews leg as Tucker shamelessly played the race card.

McQ responds:

Just freakin’ amazing – it’s all about Obama to these folks. Having looked at video after video after video of interviews with the “mob”, the “browshirts” the “unAmerican”, I can only wonder where Tucker and Matthews even pretend to come up with this line of dialog.

Pretty sad stuff, but, for the party which invented identity politics and the politics of personal destruction, not at all surprising.


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