Quite possibly the cutest kitty cat pic ever

Posted by: ST on August 28, 2009 at 7:43 pm

Of course, I’m a little bit biased :D

Muffie in da hood

C'mon gwanny - huwwy up and take the pictuwe. My fwiendz in da hood are watchin'. This iz embawassin'!

Mom took this a few weeks ago on her camera phone of my beloved Muffie girl, who is closing in on the 10 year mark. She’s still as energetic as ever and the “‘hood” – aka the back yard – remains her domain. Funny thing: My dad, who has never liked cats, treats her like a queen. He’s been known to run to the local grocery store just to make sure she has fresh deli chicken meat to eat throughout the week, and when he returns with it her portion of the chicken meat is put into a special Ziploc container for her only.

Yeah – she’s had a rough life ;)

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17 Responses to “Quite possibly the cutest kitty cat pic ever”


  1. Helen says:

    As a cat person I approve. :)>-

  2. Thank you, Helen! How many cats do you have?

  3. Tango says:

    ….pretty girl! (Just like her mama!) :d

  4. Anthony says:

    I’m more of a dog person (especially collies), but I do think cats are amusing. A former roommate had a couple, and they cracked me up daily. And, after realizing how well they had me trained, I realized the truth in the old joke: “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” ;)

  5. Splendiferous says:

    We had a kitty named Muffin for a long time. We ended up having to put her to sleep in April of ’08 just a few months short of her 22nd birthday. We had her since she was about 3 months old. She’s like your Muffin. What a rough life living in our house.

  6. Sissy Willis says:

    Prrrrr. I love your post and your beautiful pussycat! Your father sounds like a real sweetheart. :)

  7. Severian says:

    I love cats! They taste just like chicken…>:)

    More of a dog lover than a cat person myself, though I can have neither due to allergies. That is a pretty one though, she looks well pampered. Is this the one you had to pass on to your folks? Can’t recall why but seem to remember that.

  8. ClassicFilm says:

    Seeing this adorable pic took my mind off Obama and his socialist destruction of America for a few minutes. Yeah, cats DO have mythical powers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great White Rat says:

    The ancient Egyptians considered cats to be gods. Cats have never forgotten that. :)

  10. Sev – yep, she’s been in the primary care of my mom and dad since I bought this house, but I see her at least two times a month. Only live about 10 minutes from their house.

    GWR – LOL, my cat certainly acts like royalty ;) In fact, she’ll be happy to know later this afternoon that I bought some Pounce treats at the grocery store this afternoon as they were on sale, and I didn’t want her to run out ;)

  11. Sissy – your cat reminds me of mine :)

  12. Sissy Willis says:

    ST: I noticed the resemblance too. Beautiful, beautiful! :x

  13. Steve Skubinna says:

    I believe you are in violation of Internet Feline Depiction Protocol.

    First, proper spelling: kitteh.

    Second, caption: “I can haz blog?” (Solely as an example – you need to customize the object the kitteh can haz) Other possible caption formats: “We r in ur yard, eatin ur bugz”

  14. Dana says:

    The Pico family has had cats ever since I was an infant. My mother brought home “Frisco” from Tokyo, where she rescued her from a theater. Japanese patrons in a movie house in 1952, feeling something furry brush past them, weren’t likely to think “cat” first!

    We have three at the moment.

  15. Dana says:

    Of course, when Mrs Pico was out-of-state for a week, Pluto wanted to make sure that her daddy didn’t starve to death — so she brought me a steady succession of birds and mouses.

  16. Helen says:

    ST, I have only just seen your question. I am down to one for the first time in many, many, many years. Since my teens, in fact. The one I have is getting on – about 17 – and his beloved sister died a few months back. So we are both still mourning and I am not sure whether he would like another friend or just wants to see his days out peacefully. Keep haveing between the two decisions. :(

  17. Kate says:

    ST—cute kittie, yes! I am a cat lover from way back. My husband and I started out with one cat that multiplied to three then five and we took in several other cats from friends whose apartment managers did not allow them. But now we are down to just one and we have a dog, too, that I just adore. There’s always room for more critters to love!