Quite possibly the cutest kitty cat pic ever

Of course, I’m a little bit biased :D

Muffie in da hood
C'mon gwanny - huwwy up and take the pictuwe. My fwiendz in da hood are watchin'. This iz embawassin'!

Mom took this a few weeks ago on her camera phone of my beloved Muffie girl, who is closing in on the 10 year mark. She’s still as energetic as ever and the “‘hood” – aka the back yard – remains her domain. Funny thing: My dad, who has never liked cats, treats her like a queen. He’s been known to run to the local grocery store just to make sure she has fresh deli chicken meat to eat throughout the week, and when he returns with it her portion of the chicken meat is put into a special Ziploc container for her only.

Yeah – she’s had a rough life ;)

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