Mad Maxine: Conservatives should be “investigated” for “racist” views

Posted by: ST on September 16, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Via The Hill:

The media should investigate the racial views of conservative activists like the ones who descended on Washington last weekend, one liberal congresswoman said Wednesday.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said that it’s not enough for African-Americans to levy allegations of racism against the right-leaning protesters, and that the media must look into their views.

“I want those people talked to; I want them interviewed,” Waters told the liberal Bill Press Radio show in a podcast. “I want journalists to be all over those rallies and the marches with the birthers and the teabaggers.”

“What I’m looking for is the very people who carry the signs who are referring to the policies in very, very strange ways like ‘Obamacare’ and ‘Barry Obamacare with Kennedy,'” she said. “What I’ve been interested in is hearing from those people that everybody’s referring to — everybody on the Mall, in the rally.”

Downright creepy – and chilling.

Of course, it would be easy enough to, in turn, call for a probe of Waters’ views on white people to determine whether or not she’s a racist – but it would be a waste of time, considering that it’s well-known that she is.

Now, it could be that Waters’ call for media “investigations” into the “racial views” of opponents of Obama’s agenda is all an attempt at distracting from a Congressional Ethics Panell investigation already underway on three Democrat House members, one of them being her:

The House ethics committee revealed Wednesday it is investigating allegations involving three lawmakers in unrelated incidents.

The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, commonly known as the ethics panel, issued separate statements Wednesday identifying inquiries into Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Sam Graves (R-Mo.).

A statement issued by the ethics committee said each of the investigations is ongoing, but the panel will defer its efforts in Jackson’s case in light of an ongoing Justice Department inquiry.

Each of the investigations was referred to the ethics committee by the Office of Congressional Ethics, although the ethics panel noted in its statement that it had previously begun its own investigation into Jackson.


The ethics committee did not indicate what allegations it is examining involving Waters, but a series of news reports earlier this year questioned the California lawmaker’s role in the decision to provide $12 million in federal bailout funds to OneUnited Bank, where her husband, Sidney Williams, had served on the board and owned a minimum of $500,000 in stock in 2007.

Waters’ office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday, but earlier this year denied any wrongdoing in advocating on behalf of “minority and community banks,” in a statement to the Associated Press.

As reported in March by the Los Angeles Times, the California lawmaker, a senior member of the Financial Services Committee, arranged a September 2008 meeting between OneUnited Bank’s chief executive, other financial institutions and Treasury Department officials.

The newspaper quoted a former Treasury official who attended the meeting as saying that it was intended to focus broadly on problems facing minority-owned banks, but instead focused primarily on OneUnited Bank.

“I had no influence on what Bush administration officials in the Treasury Department or other departments did,” Waters said in the March statement.


So, like, when was it that Pelosi was finally going to start “draining the swamp,” again?

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16 Responses to “Mad Maxine: Conservatives should be “investigated” for “racist” views”


  1. rodford says:

    Maxine Waters, the black equivalent of
    “white trash”.

  2. NC Cop says:

    Let them keep playing the race card, its going to bite them in the ass.

    You see, the problem is there are plenty of independents who have questions about cap and trade, Obamacare, and the stimulus waste. Yet they are being told they are “right wing extremists” and the media should “investigate them” for their racist views.

    Keep pissing on the public dems, you’re making it so much easier for us.

  3. CH says:

    If I didn’t strongly suspect that talking to that nutjob for more than thirty seconds would make me want to rapidly hasten my own demise, I’d love to stage an intervention for chat with Maxine about her conservative racism.

  4. John Bibb says:

    Maxine Waters, Shaila Jackson-Lee, and the Black Congressional Congress are doing conservatives and normal Americans of all races / ethnic groups a favor by publicizing their WACKO VIEWS.
    Normal people will show these leftists / racists the door soon. White people are still the majority in the U.S.A.–more than 50 percent. And a lot of non Whites (Blacks, Hispanics, and Asian Americans) are normal people who are “getting wise” to these clowns.
    Vote them out in 2010. Hope and Change is coming.

  5. Justtochimein says:

    I want to be the first person Maxine demands shows up at the inquisition.

    I will answer no questions she poses, but I will ask many of hers.

    So in your position of a Representative, you believe you have the right to tell me and other marchers we cannot carry signs “in an odd” way. What exactly would be an “odd way” Maxine?

    It IS Obama/Kennedy Care .. I don’t see YOUR name on this monstrosity, Maxine! You are content to vote for whatever gets you votes among your the voters you intentionally keep ignorant.

  6. Carlos says:

    In the words of the Nazi soldier on Laugh In back in the 60s, “Vellly Intelesting. But stupid.”

    You know the swampmasters will end up at best chastising Waters and Junior Jackson, but will nail Graves to the cross. Foregone conclusion, no matter what the facts.

  7. Tim says:

    The cry of “racism” has become a joke to most Americans. I don’t believe the accusations will last much longer.

    But they are reviving an old target. To the democratic party, the word “religious” encompasses so many derogatory terms. Racism, ignorance, bigotry. It’s kind of a catch-all smear phrase to them. So be prepared to hear how the “religious right is on the rise, promoting their hateful agenda.” It will get ugly.

    They still don’t understand that they have sheltered themselves from middle America.

  8. Anonymous says:

    People like Waters are pathetic. They have nothing going for them but the race card and they play it so constantly that it has worn as thin as toilet paper.

  9. Dave B says:

    I’m almost starting to feel sorry for her. She’s become a laughing stock to most Americans because she is absolutely incapable of seeing what normal people see outside the narrow prism of color, ethnicity, and victimization. She is so handicapped by her hatred of all things white and capitalist that it renders her stupid and blind.

  10. Qwinn says:

    So now even just the term “Obamacare” is “very very strange”, i.e. racist?

    Just damn.

  11. Jay Stevens says:

    I’m not. I just wonder if she really believes the crap she spews.

  12. bill says:

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended).
    This from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Bloods and Crips). During the Rodney King riots, Waters was screeching “No Justice, No Peace”
    She is a hater plain and simple to use the vernacular.

  13. Wallace says:

    “I want journalists to be all over those rallies and the marches with the birthers and the teabaggers.”

    By all means. Let’s talk about the Teabagee-in-Chief and his policies. Lest’s talk about the racist and communist Teabagee Maxine and her love of Castro.

    How do you like being teabagged, Maxine?

  14. Steve Skubinna says:

    Who the hell does she think she is, to demand that we be investigated? Who does she believe she is accountable for?

    Maxine, STFU. You are a public servant, and I am the public. You and your ilk have gotten far above yoruselves, you are not the new nomenklatura. We don’t have nobility or aristocracy or royalty in this nation, likewise we do not have peasants or serfs or peons. You work for us, and we are damn furious right now.

  15. Neo says:

    The sad truth, that seems to be present starting with Rev. Wright’s Trinity Church through to Rep. Waters, is that the Black Community seems to have the biggest problem with race. Most of the remainder of the nation has “moved on” but the Black Community, on a per cap basis, has the largest population that keeps racial hatred alive. Worst of all, it seem to be a racial paranoia, rather than being based in any ongoing repression.

  16. Kate says:

    Well, Maxine, your media friends were too busy on Saturday covering your Messiah’s pep rally in Minnesota….they must not have enough liberal reporters to cover such an unimportant event. Imagine them trying to find all the racists in the crowd. I can imagine it now….Oh look it’s an anti-Obama sign calling him a, a, a, liar. Oh yeah that means racist. And look, there’s an anti-Obama sign that says he’s a, a, communist, definitely racism. Holy Cow, there’s a Joe Wilson for President sign…what is this rally turning into a KKK Camp Meeting??

    I am sure you’d like to talk to the thousand or so “racists” who showed up on Saturday….so why weren’t you there? Why don’t you call what you want what it is….indoctrination.

    Well good luck with that ethics thingy…I know your buddies in Congress will cover your A** like they do for good ole Charlie Rangel, etc. Ditto Obama’s media groupies.