WH communications director Anita Dunn hates Fox News, loves Chairman Mao

Posted by: ST on October 15, 2009 at 7:56 pm

I wish I could say this was surprising:

Another great catch from Glenn Beck. No wonder Ms. Dunn hasn’t called him on the red phone yet.

Of course, she tried to pass it off later as a “joke” but the joke’s on her.

Greg Hengler asks:

At what point does America correlate Obama’s friends and associates with him? Why is it that we can discern fakes, phonies and degenerates when choosing our friends but fail to use those principles when choosing the leader of the free world?

Here’s one answer. Feel free to add to it.


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21 Responses to “WH communications director Anita Dunn hates Fox News, loves Chairman Mao”


  1. Sue Wallace says:

    President Obama…you are who you surround yourself with – enough said.:-?

  2. Anthony says:

    Call me crazy, but I begin to detect a pattern… :-?

  3. I’m not terribly surprised by any of this either.

    ..and that in itself should be troubling.

    As Mark Steyn pointed out, Tom Friedman is now shilling for Red China “truth to power” when it comes to getting things done, and thinks that’s a decent model for issues ranging from climate change to health care.

    No doubt some of our dear lefty pals are getting tired right about now of Fox News and gettin’ “sassed” by conservative talk radio.

    Why NOT have as their model, brother Mao’s take on this as well?

  4. LC Gregory says:

    Wow. Can’t believe she had the guts to say that in front of people – and a camera.

    Whenever people think of Mao, the key figure is this: in the Great Leap Forward, 29 Million starved to death and they were exporting food to raise capital for their army. That this “woman” (using the term loosely) should DARE to mention him as a “great political philosopher” and link him to Mother Teresa – crazy. One of them caused the name “Christian” to be revered throughout the lowest castes in India, and the other rounded up Christians and tortured them to death (c.f. Watchman Nee, John Birch, many others).

    Quick caveat – I respect John Birch the missionary, but I am NOT a member of the society named for him! ;-)

  5. Jo says:

    What is the overriding message here by this liberal Socialist idiot? “If you don’t like it, screw off.” We’re going to take this country over; we’re going to tax those who are working to death and level the playing field and redistribute their earned wealth to those who are earning nothing but taking from those who are in the name of social justice (after all, that’s our constituent base, the parasites and imagined downtrodden of society). And we’re going to do that just as the admirable Chairman Mao did and we’re going to bulldoze our liberal Socialist agenda through regardless of what hardworking, honest, law-abiding citizens want. And we’re going to demonize any who oppose our relentless march toward Communism by pulling the race card and the greed card at every turn and shutting down any media who oppose us and calling those who dissent angry white men and comparing them to Nazi’s. (we’re the real American Nazi’s but name calling is such an effective tool for us. And by the way, where is a glass of water? I seem to be licking my lips between every radical, looney statement I make.

  6. Severian says:

    Mao Zedong? Mao Zedong? I thought it was Mao Tse Tongue! :d

  7. nina says:

    When will the country wake up to all these communists?????

  8. Kate says:

    Oh, now, she was just joking! I a mean who in their right mind would say such things in front of a crowd of impressionable high school students?

    Maybe, only a true communist/fascist ideologue?

    So, Glen is right?

    Never mind….

  9. Carlos says:

    Leader of what “free world”?

  10. Severian,

    Maybe we could respell as Mousy Tongue.

    Or perhaps tongue-in-cheek at that.

    Now that, why of course, she was only joking.

    Tis to laugh…

  11. Yes, she’s only joking.

    Har har.

    One supposes Thomas Friedman was too.

    I too was wondering just how many people thought the murder of tens of millions of human beings was all that funny.

  12. Lorica says:

    It really is amazing how many times these leftists put their feet in their mouths and then tell the world that “They were only joking”. I think the world is getting abit skeptical about the joke. I wonder if you could use this as a legal defense for not paying taxes???

    Mao was a horrible individual, who killed millions and millions of people. Communism, only 100 million killed but yet leftist in this country think they can get it right. Simply Laughable. – Lorica

  13. Carlos says:

    And that’s the crux of it, Lorica. Every generation of self-centered, egomaniacal arrogant socialists believe that the reason socialism has always failed is that they didn’t have the proper leadership and that, just coincidentally, they happen to be that “correct” leadership.

    As has been said, insanity is doing the same thing one hundred times and…

  14. Severian says:

    Maybe we could respell as Mousy Tongue.

    Or perhaps tongue-in-cheek at that.

    I thought of that too late, good one!

  15. And of course bring up these statements of Dunn to your average liberal and it’s “George W Bush killed people and I don’t see you upset about that!” or “oh you’re just a McCarthyite!” or “Who was Mao?”

    I guarantee you also that no on in the msm outside of Fox or the Washington Times cares. When you’re a liberal, it’s ok to admire mass-murdering communists.

  16. Carlos says:

    They do that every year here, Tom. It’s called abortion, and it’s ok because it’s beneficial to the mother, theoretically.

    Just as teaching 3rd graders about oral sex is beneficial to them, too. Or any of dozens of other “liberal-approved” actions and/or procedures. It’s all for the “benefit” of the society.

    And because it’s for that reason, killing millions of people is ok, too. Just do’t kill a tree, or snail darter, or northern spotted owl, or salmon, or any other non-human species because THAT is cruel.

  17. Carlos says:

    It seems the WH is getting cold feet at blasting Beck. Could it be because they know he has the proof whenever he brings up such a story as this, and the WH has discovered sometimes people really do listen to the other side, in spite of Duh-1’s soothing, calm voice touting elysian fields and Utopia?

    Look for the MSM (TV and print, especially) to ignore Beck from now on. Every time he cries “WOLF!”, it turns out there really is a wolf.