Memo to Meghan McCain: If you don’t want ppl talking about your breasts, don’t post a photo of them online

Posted by: ST on October 16, 2009 at 6:57 pm

Outside of the Hot Headlines, I don’t think I have wasted a single ounce of space on Attention Queen Meghan McCain, but her antics this week have compelled me to write a word or two about her latest whiny victim antics.

A couple of days ago, McCain posted a picture of herself on Twitter, which you can view here. The picture, which shows her holding up an Andy Warhol book while wearing a black tank top with her boobs pushed up to her chin, has generated a lot of buzz both in the blogosphere and on Twitter, where she has been subjected to varying kinds of comments from the tame to the way over the top.

First things first, contrary to McCain’s laughable excuse for posting the picture (“So I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing“), let me be the first to tell you that there is no way she did NOT think about how she looked and what she was wearing. A woman does not post a picture like that of herself anywhere without hoping to generate a great deal of attention. She also was quoted as saying “I always wear tank tops around the house” – maybe she does, but can I see a show of hands how many of you out there think she walks around her house with her boobs hiked up above her shoulders? I didn’t think so.

That look requires a serious amount of effort, I guarantee you, far more effort than most of the rest of us do in getting dressed “down” to lounge around the house. It requires the effort of a woman who talks often about the size of her breasts.

It’s an effort that women who want (the wrong kind of) attention make all the time, except in this instance McCain is playing the victim card because along with the, “hey hon, you look hot” comments she no doubt got over that picture, she’s also gotten a strong dose of criticism about it as well. Seeing that rule #1 of provacative picture posting is: “I’m posting this so people will tell me I look good, but they better not say anything mean,” anyone who dares to say anything less than, “hey gal, you’re a babe” is being offensive and therefore deliberately hurtful and “jealous.”

Not only is the picture just bizarre in an Anna Nicole Smith kind of way, but it looks unnatural, unflattering and, well, it looks phony and staged.

Hmm. Phony and staged are good words to describe McCain, aren’t they? And pretending to be a voice for “mainstream Republicanis” all the while playing the victim card every chance she gets and cashing in her “look at me, I’m John McCain’s ‘controversial’ daughter” card all the way to the bank after each and every appearance on The View? That sounds like mainstream liberalism to me.

This woman is an heir to a mega-fortune, can have pretty much anything she wants, and commands attention – for better or worse – no matter where she goes, because she delberately works at stirring up controversy in blatant efforts at shameless self-promotion. She is not a victim.

Some wise words from Cassandra:

But in this case her behavior is so bizarre that she seems to be inviting a conservative intervention. This isn’t complicated: if you don’t want people to treat you like a pop tart, don’t act like one. If you don’t wish people to look at (or comment upon) your breasts, don’t show them off to thousands of folks to whom you’ve yet to be formally introduced.

I can’t stand when adults demand the “right” to act a certain way and then want to be shielded from the normal consequences of their actions. The term ‘pearls before swine’ comes to mind. Women are notorious for this, and it’s silly behavior.

Absolutely. Not excusing the insults she’s received, but when you’re a public figure and you post something that glaringly “out there,” you can’t expect not to generate negative attention in addition to the positive.

R.S. McCain, distant cousin to the McCains, weighs in with the ouch factor:

Ironically, her egoistic episode began when Miss Meghan posted a photo of herself holding a book about Andy Warhol, the pop artist whose best-known aphorism was, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Meghan’s 15 minutes have long since expired and if she is stupid enough to follow through on last night’s impulsive threat to quit Twittering — 50,000 subscribers is an enviable readership for online promotion — the world will have another laugh at her expense.

The day this drama queen decides to delete her Twitter account will be a day to which I eagerly look forward.

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19 Responses to “Memo to Meghan McCain: If you don’t want ppl talking about your breasts, don’t post a photo of them online”


  1. ClassicFilm says:

    Meghan “Look at My Magnificent Melons” McCain is experiencing the worst of “growing pains.” She’s desperate to be accepted by the “cooler lib kids” while still wanting to be Daddy’s precious little RINO Girl. I’m trying to feel a teensy bit sorry for her, but it’s too much of an effort. Meghan’s being snickered at behind her back by most of the A-list libs and most conservatives find her nauseating, showboaty, and childish.

    She’s a self-absorbed train wreck most of the time. Remember her prima donna hissy fit at the White House’s “we can’t possibly roast Obama because he’s too perfect” dinner some months ago? Meggie had been issued two tickets to attend and wasn’t allowed to bring in two friends (she obviously thought her “star power” of being John’s daughter would win her an extra freebie ticket). When she was told only one friend could attend the dinner, she let loose with some salty sailor language, including the F-bomb. Yep, right there in the White House… classy.

    I can’t figure out what is Meggie’s huge attraction for people on Twitter, except that many libs get a real kick out of it when she disses and insults conservatives like Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, and Ann Coulter, which Meggie does whenever her inner spoiled brat acts up. A bit off topic, but I absolutely hate her bleached hair. It looks fake, and screams “Vegas Hooker” to me. But it does go with ther “I’m a free-spirit pop tart” image she seems to want to cultivate. So, Meggie, mission accomplished.

    She’s representative of the next generation of vain, ignorant, silver-spoon-in-the-mouth liberals. Peachy.

  2. Severian says:

    I take it this means we won’t be seeing “more” of the lovely ST anytime soon. =((

  3. What’s the difference between Meghan McCain and Paris Hilton?

    What–you don’t know either? :-?

  4. Can this RINO just go away like her daddy. Must be nice to earn a living off your parent’s name. A twit complaining about a twitter pic that she posted. Ignore all McCains is my advice.

  5. LOL – not that kind of “more,” anyway, Sev ;)

  6. It seems I’ve been correct in my avoidance of all things Megan McCain. It was pathetic when I posted pictures like that of myself during a wild-and-crazy period of attention whoring in my early 20’s but for Miss McCougar to do so in her mid-40’s is just downright embarrassing.

  7. vsatt says:

    Tarheel, please don’t even joke that we could still be tormented by this woman 20 years from now….aaaargh!

  8. J.P. Travis says:

    I’m sorry, did you say something after the “McCain posted a picture of herself on Twitter, which you can view here” part?

  9. 2Hotel9 says:

    And they are not all that impressive. Maybe daddy could spring for some silicon for her!

  10. LC Gregory says:

    Well, that is the difference between a Lady (i.e. ST) and a Whatever The Heck Junior McCain is. I thought it was pathetic enough – but then I saw Tarheel Pundit’s comment. Had no IDEA this twit was in her Forties. You’d think she’d learned SOMETHING along the way!

    Please forgive the All Caps. This “woman” and her ilk tick me off to no end – one and a half of the two parties in this country just aren’t enough for them, and they just have to chase Sarah Palin, Rush, et al out of the public square.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Severian says:

    That reminds me, honeydew melons are on sale at the corner grocery store…need to get a couple for tomorrows fruit salad. ;)

  12. Dana says:

    Lagniappe’s Guy asked:

    What’s the difference between Meghan McCain and Paris Hilton?

    We haven’t seen a Meghan McCain sex tape — yet?

    Paris Hilton’s boobs actually look right with the rest of her figure?

    Paris Hilton actually knows what she’s doing?

  13. Dana says:

    L C Gregory wrote:

    Well, that is the difference between a Lady (i.e. ST) and a Whatever The Heck Junior McCain is.

    Our esteemed hostess doesn’t have it posted anymore, but she used to have a photo of herself available on this site. It was a simple face portrait, well done and tasteful. Thing is, at least from her picture, our hostess is an outright babe, yet, as far as I can tell, she has never attempted to trade on her looks on this site or any other. For some reason, on a political site, she has decided to make the force of her arguments her claim to fame.

  14. I was just kidding with my mid-40’s comment, she was actually born in 1984 :d

  15. Grief.


    More boobs in the news. Great. No, really. BOOBS in the news–now it’s Miss McCain. Her again.

    Don’t we have enough of this stuff already in modern culture?

    Can we just tell this poor benighted numbskull that her boobs are no doubt fine, and then have everyone move on?

    If we make her feel better, will that do the trick? Some positive re-enforcement training, like you’re supposed to do with dogs–rather than slapping the silly woman upside the head?

  16. What’s the difference between Meghan McCain and Paris Hilton?

    What–you don’t know either?

    For all her faults–and they are many, and I would not like to be that chick’s daddy–Hilton IS very friendly. She has a friendly persona, and I understand she’s actually pleasant to be around.

  17. Peter says:

    The trouble with young Miss McCain is that she has a really beautiful mother. This would not be a big problem except that she got half her genes from John McCain who never once won a handsome man contest. So, this okay looking young woman has had to stand next to her beautiful mother.

    Most girls, when they hit their late teens, early twenties look better than their mommas. Not Meghan. So, she has a complex, knowing that her mother will still turn heads when poor Meghan is in her forties.

  18. Lorica says:

    You can see by that sly look on her face that she, much like an 8 year old, thinks she’s getting away with something. What a laughable liberal response. I am sorry but how much longer are we going to have to deal with these people?? Her Dad was bad enough, but for God’s Sake, Enough already!! – Lorica

  19. Carlos says:

    Like the poor who will always be with us, so will the stupid. And the liberal, but I repeat myself.