VIDEO: Major Garrett grills Robert Fibbs on WH Recovery Act claims

Posted by: ST on October 30, 2009 at 7:04 pm

What mainstream media journalism is supposed to be all about (it’s about 2 and a half to 3 minutes into this clip):

Considering that grilling, it’s no wonder the WH has declared war on Fox. It’s not just their opinion show hosts questioning them, it’s their ace mainstream media journalists as well (gasp!).



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6 Responses to “VIDEO: Major Garrett grills Robert Fibbs on WH Recovery Act claims”


  1. Anthony says:

    The Anchoress and I have come to referring to Gibbs as “Pixie Gibbs,” because of all the fairy dust he spreads while trying to hide reality from us. :)

  2. Carlos says:

    Fibbs is obviously in so far over his head he doesn’t know which way is up! He couldn’t even understand Garrett’s questions, let alone answer them with any semblance of making sense.

    I nominate him as caretaker of the administration’s unicorns and leprechauns.

    And Duh-1 as chief ghost, because he has absolutely no substance.

  3. Carlos says:

    I forgot to say, Fibbs only knows Obamath. No wonder he’s confused by real math.

    Questions like that would confuse any donkey.

  4. Kate says:

    It’s not really hard to grill this guy…of course, it gets tricky when he’s dancing around the questions and not dealing with facts. Good work by Major Garrett, but, did you notice how desperate Fibbs was to get him to admit there was actually some growth in the GDP? He had to get that last word in. Forget that the Administration had played fast and loose with the cash for clunkers and GDP figures.

    And,yeah Fibbs, with this kind of recovery everyone’s 40lK should make back their losses by the year 3000.

  5. forest hunter says:

    It’s been a long time since I listened to Pixie Fibbs, though as I can hear/see, not long enough. He’s been hanging out with the ah, ah, ah, uh, uh, uh, I, I, I, teleprompter translator too much. Maybe a little more golf and lot less prancing through the borderless regions, where lies and truths are designed, portending the continued onslaught of lies.