You know it’s getting bad when CBS turns on you

Posted by: ST on October 30, 2009 at 1:56 pm

The Obama administration’s BS spin on “jobs created/saved” has gotten so bad that even Katie Couric has called them out on it.

I’m savoring this “truth in mainstream (liberal) media journalism” moment. I know it won’t last long. But in the event that it did, I wonder how long it would take before the Obama admin started targeting CBS, too? Ed Morrissey is on the same page:

The tone of this report on CBS, of all places, indicates that the credibility of this administration has finally begun to collapse. When the Tiffany Network goes on the air to say that a report from Barack Obama’s White House isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and that the previous incompetence calls into question any numbers announced today, I’d say that the honeymoon may finally be over.

So when does CBS start getting the Fox treatment by Robert Gibbs and Valerie Jarrett? (via Instapundit)

Come to think of it, considering how the quickly admin punished other normally loyal and devoted MSM outlets after they stood in solidarity with Fox News last week when the admin tried to shut Fox out of the press pool, I’d say CBS better start planning it’s next Obama puff piece – stat.

Wonder what the big topic is going to be on 60 Minutes this week? Another fawning MSM segment on Michelle Obama? :-?

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9 Responses to “You know it’s getting bad when CBS turns on you”


  1. Scott D says:

    Let’s talk about some more Obama incompetence and inept bailout legislation.

    HAMP program
    Expert: Loan Mod Numbers Utter Fantasy By Julie Crenshaw at Money section

    Less than 1200 out of 500,000 applicants have entered the permanent phase of this government intervention program.

    That would be a success rate of only .0024%

    Lenders have abandoned other previously successful loan mod alternatives to comply with this governement program and using it as a way to disguise their toxic asset balance sheets.

  2. Bill G. says:

    Alas, poor little Barry will be getting all wee-wee’d up about CBS now, too.

  3. ClassicFilm says:

    I’m voting for the next CBS “special report” to be of Michelle Obama showing American housewives the correct way to hold a socialist mop.

  4. Carlos says:

    Not to worry, ST. The D.C. mob, formerly known as the “Chicago Machine”, is making CBS an offer they can’t refuse, even as we speak.

    It’s the mob way, ya know.

  5. Kate says:

    Trick or Treat? These numbers seem to have come out at just the right time.

    So now the mask is coming off and the true identity of Obama is being revealed. OOOOOHHHH scary, spooky stuff for the MSM….they got the invisible man of decision making running the show!

  6. MarkJ says:

    Word on the street says that Obama informed the suits at CBS that he was going to hold David Letterman hostage until “your attitude towards my administration improves.”

    Unfortunately for Obama, the suits replied, “Hey, keep that philandering, gap-toothed twerp. Leno says he wants to jump ship from NBC and we’re already negotiating.”

  7. Vincent says:

    Seems to me that someone caught onto the “HEY THEY GOT RATINGS!!!” Ie. Fox surged in ratings for “telling the truth” so why wouldn’t they figure out that if they “badmouth” the prez they would get good ratings?

    Shameless bastards…we thought of it first! nana nana boo boo.
    YO! whatever it takes to put this pospotus in his place…last.