WaPo and NYT to Obama: We love ya, you stylish deep thinker

One thing none of us will be “thankful” for this Thanksgiving week? The fact that two of the biggest major mainstream news media outlets continue to be deeply in the tank for our celebrity President. Check the headlines today at the NYT:

Both pieces go in depth as to how ‘hip’ and ‘modern’ and ‘stylish’ President Obama’s first state dinner was, and how marvelous the First Lady looked – implying a ‘departure’ of sorts for First Ladies in terms of style.

The only thing missing was a teaser from Obama devotee and NYT ‘moderate Republican’ columnist David Brooks regarding some prominent male [GOP?] politico allegedly putting his hand on Brooks’ thigh.

The WaPo, to their credit, stuck to more serious issues but still lavished love on Obama like a child would over a litter of puppies. The headline:

In this article we learn that, in spite of Obama’s growing reputation as an oft-golfing, jet-setting, hardcore apologist, he’s a hard-working, dedicated servant of the people torn between his party’s left flank, pesky conservatives, and ‘trying to do the right thing’ (to paraphrase).

(I should note that the WaPo did cover the state dinner, but appropriately had coverage of the food and fashion on their “arts and living” page whereas the NYT’s was on their “politics” page, as if writing about what was on the menu and what the First Lady was wearing was about “politics.”)

Really. If both these ‘distinguished’ newspapers wanted to give the President a “Happy Thanksgiving” that badly, they should have just come right out and said it. But instead, the pretense of ‘objectiveness’ continues, fooling some people out there in Mainstream America.

But not all of them.

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