NYT at it again – publishes info that will aid the enemy and hurt US counterterrorism efforts

Yes, the newspaper that refused to reveal the exact contents of the ClimateGate emails because they were “never meant for the public eye” has once again handed the enemy the keys to the front doors of our intelligence agencies by exposing secret tactics used by the CIA, with the help of Blackwater, in tracking, detaining, and transporting suspected ‘insurgents’ in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pathetic slugs.

Merry Christmas from the New York Slimes, Al Qaeda! Or,er, what’s the proper holiday greeting for Islamofascists?

Can we question their patriotism yet?

8 thoughts on “NYT at it again – publishes info that will aid the enemy and hurt US counterterrorism efforts

  1. The question was answered in the 70s when they cheered on the WaPo (who is also treasonous by the dictionary definition but not the “legal” one).

    Anything they can do to institute a “One-world government” they will do. Unfortunately for them, they are not radical Muslims, hence, when that one-world government comes because of their selling out our country they will be no better than the rest of us humans to the Islamic pigs and their caliphate.

  2. I think the old NYT is taking a huge amount of “creative adjustments” to the info they were given.

    The CIA is for the most part a huge group of paper pushers… they are more pathetic with firearms then cops. Can’t remember the date but basically the CIA use to work “unescorted” in iraq and afgan… however think it was in 2005 they messed up big time and got a bunch of ppl killed. It was after a long string of close calls and basically the CIA was told if they wanted to play in the sandbox anymore they need to have some adults along for the ride.(ie military/combat trained personnel)

    The military really didn’t want anything to do with them so they of course turned to the ex-military(ie contractors) to fill the void. What the NYT claims is heavily distorted by the complete lack of understanding of what the CIA does in iraq/afgan thus are making a huge number of claims that while on the surface are somewhat true really don’t explain how things really work.

    The contractors did nothing that the other civilians(CIA) weren’t apart of… thus the NYT is whining that contractors weren’t allowed to do what the CIA was doing so they are default claiming the same thing about the CIA.

  3. “Can we question their patriotism yet?” Only if they HAD any patriotism. They are in fact “citizens of the Internationale” don’t ya know!

  4. This surprises me not one wit. These useless POSes will always be traitors to this country and they should be rounded up and shot. – Lorica

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