Panthers at the Giants (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 41-9)

Panthers logoAfter last week’s impressive home victory against the Vikings, the Panthers have the potential to play spoiler role again today as they take on the NY Giants on the Giants’ turf in NJ. This could the last Giants’ game that will be played at Giants Stadium unless the Giants win today and thus keep their playoff hopes alive.

The game is currently in progress and being broadcast on Fox. It’s still scoreless, and the Giants just fumbled, and Carolina recovered the ball.

Update – 6:23 PM: The Panthers are putting a good late season showing – they made easy work of the Giants today in a 41-9 win that saw Steve Smith break his arm, and the Giants struggle just to score one TD.

7 thoughts on “Panthers at the Giants (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 41-9)

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  2. Impressive win by Carolina, ST. I wonder how the QB situation will shake out for next season.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t your Cats host New Orleans next week? Beating them would be a great way to end the season – defeating three of the top teams in the NFC three weeks in a row.

  3. The Aints are in a swoon that will culminate in 3 weeks as they go one-and-done.

    Thanks for waxing the field with the Giants; that allowed my Packers to get into the playoffs with an equally-impressive waxing of the Seahawks. Little-known fact; that was my first game at Lambeau. Littler-known fact; down near the field in the stands with the sun shining, it was short-sleeve weather (dunno about the shirtless guy a couple rows up though ;))

  4. ….the Panters came to play and turned in a solid performance. Saddened that Steve Smith is reported to have broken his arm. b-)

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