John F’in Kerry: Still f’in clueless after all this f’n time

The Boston Globe reports on another Democrat “big gun” Martha Coakley has speaking on her behalf – failed candidate for President John “F.” Kerry, who is speaking out on alleged “dirty tricks” allegedly being perpetrated by “out of state teabaggers” (via multiple ST readers and Twitterers):

Massachusetts Senator John F. Kerry is calling on Republican Scott Brown, who is waging a surging campaign against Democrat Martha Coakley, to curb his supporters, saying that they have engaged in “bullying and threats” in recent days and that some of them are from out-of-state.

“I’m no stranger to hard fought campaigns, but what we’ve seen in the past few days is way over the line and reminiscent of the dangerous atmosphere of Sarah Palin’s 2008 campaign rallies. This is not how democracy works in Massachusetts,” Kerry said this afternoon in a statement.

“Scott Brown needs to speak up and get his out of state tea party supporters under control. In Massachusetts, we fight hard and win elections on the issues and on our differences, not with bullying and threats,” Kerry said.

Brown campaign spokesman Felix Browne said, “People are tired of John Kerry’s partisan politics. His baseless accusations reflect the desperate last gasps of a flailing campaign.”

“Scott Brown is running a positive campaign and has been since the beginning of the race,” Browne said in an emailed statement.

Kerry eats a cheesesteak - with swiss cheeseIndeed. If Kerry wants to throw out accusations of dirty tricks, he needs only to look at his own state party, who shamelessly put out a patently false mailer last week that read “1,736 WOMEN WERE RAPED IN MASSACHUSETTS IN 2008. SCOTT BROWN WANTS HOSPITALS TO TURN THEM ALL AWAY.” If Kerry wants to throw out accusations of dirty tricks, he should look to the union thugs with the SEIU who have been canvassing the state over the last couple of months in an effort to intimida-, er, convince voters to vote for Coakley. If Kerry wants to throw out accusations of dirty tricks, then perhaps he’ll condemn Coakley aide and Obama appointee to the Broadcasting Board of Governors Michael Meehan, who recently had to apologize for shoving Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack to the ground as McCormack tried to ask Coakley some tough questions after a posh rally for lobbyists that was held in Wash, DC on Coakley’s behalf. If Kerry wants to throw out accusations of dirty tricks, perhaps he’ll immediately start reflecting on the dirty tricks that the “great” Ted Kennedy played on SCOTUS nominee Robert Bork to the point that “Borking” has now become a verb in the dictionary, a word that is defined as, “To defame or vilify (a person) systematically, esp. in the mass media, usually with the aim of preventing his or her appointment to public office; to obstruct or thwart (a person) in this way.” Not only that, but if Kerry really was concerned about dirty tricks, he’d be reluctant to face the mirror every day after the ultimate of ultimate dirty tricks he played on American soldiers in Vietnam with his Winter Soldier testimony

In other words, when it comes to dirty tricks, Senator Kerry – you and your party have No. Room. To. Talk. Period.

And speaking of clueless, our President yesterday spoke at the Coakley rally and dismissed Scott Brown’s home town message about driving around the state of MA in his truck to connect with voters. “Forget the truck. Everybody can buy a truck.” Brown responded back today with a swipe of his own (via GP):

Mr. President, unfortunately in this economy, not everybody can buy a truck. My goal is to change that by cutting spending, lowering taxes and letting people keep more of their own money.

No surprise our President and Massachusetts liberals, obviously, are so dismissive of average Americans, eh?

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