Desperate smear attacks on Brown family continue

Posted by: ST on January 22, 2010 at 11:15 am

Could these morons honestly get any more pathetic? Scott Brown’s wife has worn a bikini and appeared in a “racy” video – in 1984 And his daughters have worn bikinis before, too. Horrors!

With the amount of times the left has either dug up old bathing suit photos/videos of conservative women or Photoshopped them, you’d think they had secret little crushes on the likes of Gov. Palin, Mrs. Brown, Michelle Malkin, and others.

To Tuesday’s sore losers: Brown won. You lost. Leave his family alone and get over it.

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21 Responses to “Desperate smear attacks on Brown family continue”


  1. Great White Rat says:

    Well, if the leftists get their way, we’ll be overrun by people who will demand that all women wear burkhas. That’ll put a stop to this immoral swimwear nonsense!!! :-w

  2. Michpundit says:

    The leftists are obviously jealous of good looking people like the Browns. Then again, they have Rachel Maddow, Helen Thomas, Hillary Clinton…..

  3. your mama says:

    Hard to believe the left have not learned their lesson,which is a good thing for us,they do this at their own peril.

  4. Anthony says:

    Scott Brown’s wife has worn a bikini and appeared in a “racy” video – in 1984 And his daughters have worn bikinis before, too. Horrors!

    I had to watch several times just to be sure it was offensive. :">

  5. Carlos says:

    “To Tuesday’s sore losers: Brown won. You lost. Leave his family alone and get over it.”

    No offense, ST, but that sounds hauntingly similar to Mr. Obama’s response several months ago when elephants were complaining about somesuch thing.

    And hubris, ultimately, is what brought the elephants down a few years ago because they wouldn’t listen to the people.

  6. But my comment did not have the meaning and intent behind it that our celebrity President’s did, Carlos :)

  7. Tex says:

    Oh darn! I was going to vote for Scott Brown’s wife and daughters but thank God the Liberals pointed out they wear bikinis that makes them look racy so I stopped myself just in time. Thank you Liberals, you saved me again.

  8. Unfortunately this is the kind of baggage that comes with national fame and attention. I hate to say it, but our society is comprised of a bunch of voyeuristic, dribbling ninnies who are just as likely to stare with morbid fascination at a bloody car crash as they are at what they perceive to be a scandal – ESPECIALLY a sex scandal. I don’t think this is something endemic to liberals or Democrats. It’s endemic to the dumbed down, easily distracted by a bright, shiny object society they helped create.

  9. Paul Zucconi says:

    Wow, hey when all else fails, ie. you just lost the historically most liberal dominated Senate seat in the history of the country….details, details , your guy, girl in this case, sucked, why not attack the really pertinent details…like a woman in a bikini. Look yourself in the mirror, OK, once every 4 years and try, i said try, to be O-B-J-E-C-T-I-V-E (pls refer to Wikipedia for any needed definition on this word). When you think you have the meaning of that word down, sit down, buckle up and appreciate you’re on the wrong side of rational, objective thought. For those that prefer to ‘lean to the left’ that cannot grasp this concept, please refer back to the beginning of this comment…YOU LOST. If you understand nothing else, YOU LOST. Case closed ! (thanks Glenn)

  10. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Remember when Democrats and the state-run media assured us that credible allegations of sexual harassment and rape made against William Jefferson Clinton were not even newsworthy, let alone something people should take into consideration when voting?

    Now they are shocked – shocked! – to see a little skin.

  11. Great White Rat says:

    Naaah, MD, they’re not shocked by the skin. But in their narrow little minds they think we are. They’re so hopelessly out of touch that they think any conservative, or Republican, is some kind of prude who will have a coronary from seeing a rock video or a young woman’s navel. Talk about bad stereotyping…

    They didn’t post this to show their disapproval. They posted it so we would find it. And then we’re all supposed to recoil in horror and gasp “what have we done??” The idea that we might look at them and think “Whoa…his wife and daughters all look GREAT” never crosses their vestigial, limited little minds.

  12. Carlos says:


    Great phrase, GWR.

  13. Dave B says:

    Let’s not be too hasty here. I think we should wait to see if they dig up any more photos of gorgeous conservative women in bikinis before we make these “snap” judgments. I’m going to need a lot more “data” before I can make a complete analysis on the situation.

  14. Jo says:

    LOL! Dave! So funny! Yes, we are voyeuristic and that’s what I dislike about shows like Entertainment Tonight and other ‘National Enquirer’ type programs. My life doesn’t hinge on what Angie and Brad may be doing at any given moment and I don’t give a flying flip what Tom Cruise’s warped political and religious views are. For that matter, I find most ‘stars’ lacking in morals, common sense and basic value systems and their liberal leftist viewpoints are laughable. The Brown’s are a gorgeous family. Good for them. I’m more interested in how he can bring us out of the Socialist quagmire we’re now steeped in.

  15. tony says:

    I can’t (dem’s)belive we lost:((:((

  16. Flyover State Queen says:

    I hope to God I never see a picture of Michelle Obama in a bikini. Talk about hurting eyes;)

  17. Carlos says:

    I’ve done Santa professionally before, and at one of our annual pre-season get-togethers one of the santas wore a speedo.

    It was not a pretty sight, but Flyover State Queen caused me to think it would be a toss-up if M.O. ever did and it was splashed all over the papers…

  18. Dave B says:

    Being a Mass resident I’m somewhat familiar with Brown and I don’t think we’ll be disappointed. He’s like a rock on tax increases, military, government takeover of anything, and he’s an honest, decent man. What you see is what you get. He’s one of those guys that never ducks a question regardless of his answer and he considers his word his bond.

  19. Carlos says:

    Unlike our glorious leader, whose word is not his bond but a warning that he’s just about to do the opposite!

    The polite politacalese (favored by the MSM) is that he “misspoke”. The old term was “prevarication”. The biblical word is “liar”.

  20. Dave B says:

    Carlos: At least we’ve figured it out. We know enough to watch his other hand and not to believe a single word he or his operatives say to us. With all his millions, power, and adoration I wouldn’t trade places with him for a million dollars. Can you imagine living life having to lie to people to make them believe you’re something you’re not? Every day he gets up he has to figure out how to deceive people that put trust in him. How pitiful is that?