Astroturfing campaign underway by Team Obama?

Read this post from Patterico on the issue of what is clearly evidence of some type of coordinated campaign to have people write letters and submit them to different papers across the country either using the same message and name for each letter, or the same message and different names.

Who is behind these campaigns? My money’s on Axelrod – longtime king of Astroturfing. Question is: Considering how Democrats were quick to level charges of town hall Astroturfing over the summer regarding the issue of the growing opposition to ObamaCare, think these same lefties will be as quick to make the same accusation towards the planners behind this campaign – an accusation which this time would be legitimate? I won’t hold my breath, because this Astroturfing campaign “supports” the left’s agenda. The other “Astroturfing campaign” from last summer – which wasn’t Astroturfing at all – did not.

The digging as to who is behind this campaign is a job for conservative bloggers, and fair and balanced journalists like Jake Tapper and Major Garrett. Hope to see some concrete evidence soon.

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