Let’s play “Spot the Astroturfers”

ST reader Sev sends along this link to a photo recap of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to downtown Denver last week, where she was on a mission to promote ObamaCare. See if you can spot the real “Astroturfers” in the pictures. Was it those with homemade signs and not dressed in any particular color T-shirt, or the ones with the mass-produced signs and/or wearing purple shirts?

Related links:

—– Ed Morrissey reports on another instance of Team Obama and the DNC urging pro-ObamaCare minions to show their support at town halls. As you’ll recall, once the President himself urged ObamaCare supporters to demonstrate their support for his healthcare bill at town halls is when the violence courtesy of union thugs started.

—– And last but not least, this post would not be complete without me letting you know just how Keith Olbermann is portraying those opposed to ObamaCare. Nope, not as racists but … as mob-like “political terrorists” like Hamas and Hezbollah. Watch the disgusting video here.

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