My brief take on last night’s SOTU

Posted by: ST on January 28, 2010 at 8:58 am

Biden, Obama, PelosiParaphrasing President Obama’s first SOTU:

– Americans are tired of partisanship in Congress, with the exception of my partisanship. I can be as partisan as I want, though, including when I give SOTUs.

– Americans are sick of perpetual political campaigns, except for mine, which hasn’t stopped since February 2007 when I announced my intentions to run for President.

– I respect the SCOTUS, except when they make a ruling I don’t like. Then I will dis them during my SOTU and vow to defy them, knowing they can’t respond back. That’s ballsy.

– I want to reach across the aisle to work with Republicans; specifically, those who are on board with my agenda. The rest of them can go to hell.

– I admire the spirit of the American people, even when I am trying to shove a 3rd rate healthcare “reform” plan down their throats – and I will do so with a smile on my face.

– I will lie and misrepresent my record on taxes and spending to the American people, while at the same time praising their courage and determination to make it on the lean budgets they have had to deal with since Bush’s recession started.


For what it’s worth, here’s the transcript.

Other odds and ends: Watch Justice Alito shake his head when Obama dissed the SCOTUS on their campaign finance ruling. The NYT surprisingly fact checks Obama’s assertions about the ruling here. Last night at the SOTU, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was doing what many of us were who were up watching the speech: yawning. He probably does that when he gets recaps from his staff about the calls coming in from concerned constituents, too.

Reax galore are here.

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20 Responses to “My brief take on last night’s SOTU”


  1. Neo says:

    Hey, Obama has been quick to action.

    Already this morning, he can proudly announce that Congress has banned foreign corporations from running election ads.

    (The fact that this was true before his speech is of no consequence)

  2. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    Alito was shaking his head to try and remove the flies buzzing around. It’s hard to get rid of flies when there’s so much bull in the air.

  3. Mary says:

    It all comes down to this.. Has Obama made anything better after inheriting this mess?
    Has unemployment gone down one point?
    Has the deficit gone down at all?
    Has he reduced earmarks?
    Has he kept any of his campaign promises? Well he is definitely trying to Transform America.. I’ll give him that.

    Has he listened to us at all?

    If the answers are no.. then he can no longer blame Bush.

  4. Severian says:

    The SOTU had me wishing he’d just STFU.

  5. Tickedoff2 says:

    It all comes down to this.. Has Obama made anything better after inheriting this mess?
    The “mess” he inherited was no where near the “mess” he has made. Not only that, it is my belief he had a great deal to do with the sudden “mess” that appeared on the scene in the final quarter of 2008.

    Has unemployment gone down one point?
    No, but it has nearly doubled.

    Has the deficit gone down at all?
    No, but it has nearly tripled.

  6. Gregory says:

    Maybe I’m totally wrong, but Obeyone should keep up every single bit of poison rhetoric b.s. he spewed last night (and everyday and night) for the next 2 1/2 years.
    If over 50+ percent of the people can’t stand him after one year of his “ascension”, just think of the percentage of real Americans who will be pulling the voting lever to dump “himself” and all of his ilk beginning in November.
    The more he stinks, the more he sinks, the more the libtards have to think “….wtf?”

  7. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    @ Gregory

    I agree totally. My feeling for quite awhile has been ‘let him talk, the more he talks the less credibile he becomes’.

    He reminds me of a criminal who has been caught, quick to defend his every step, alibi at the ready. While apologizing he defers to ‘I am sorry.. BUT (insert Republican Party/George Bush here)’. That is not an apology at all. That is his defense because he has no other defense.

  8. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    To resort to repenting and then blame is his game. He used it during his campaign and he’s using it during his Propaganda Tour.

    I loathe him with every fiber of my being. He makes me want to pop Reese’s peanut butter cups in my mouth mindlessly.

  9. You had to love the stone faces of the military leaders in the audience, right up front, when Barry announced the end of don’t ask don’t tell. I think I saw steam from one nostril, as well.

    Oh, and when Barry talks about foreign contributions, didn’t he have a big problem with this himself, and gloss/hide it?

  10. Carlos says:

    I almost fell off my chair last night when I saw Reid yawning. You just have to know, even if by some miracle he wins next fall, he’ll never be majority leader again as long as the embodiment of humility and godliness is still prez. What an incredibly apt affront to Duh-1! And it didn’t even come from a Republican.

    It also crossed my mind as the cameras panned the Congress, what a gallery of unindicted thieves, rascals and reivers! The Post Office walls have nothing compared to this wall of shame, from Murtha to Rangel, Dodd to Feinstein, and every shade of unconvicted criminal in between.

  11. Anthony says:

    I was at a class last night and so missed the speech, but I was appalled to learn when I got home that he had dissed the SCOTUS and, by extension, the 1st amendment. That is so far beneath the dignity of a Chief of State. It just reinforced my opinion that Obama is nothing but a jumped-up Chicago pol – and not a very good one, at that.

  12. Sefton says:

    Zippy – The criminal analogy is a good one. He also has the mind of a toddler caught doing something wrong and blaming his brother or sister.
    Personally, I don’t think he’s stable enough – not even counting his lack of executive experience – to hold the highest office in our country.
    He’s a narcissistic, immature, incompetent fool.

  13. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    @ Sefton. Thank you. And I concur with your comment. He isn’t stable, most narcissists are not though they like to give the impression of such, and can pull it off for a period of time until they come unglued. Just for a fun thought, some narcissists are sociopaths. Two personality disorders for the price of one! What luck! The fun part of this all is that we get to see him falling apart right before our very eyes. *insert evil laugh*

  14. Wyatt Earp says:

    I’m surprised Alito’s “Not true” was the only time those words were said last night, since Obama was chock full o’ lies last night.

  15. Jo says:

    He’s the biggest ‘man-made disaster’ of our time.