My brief take on last night’s SOTU

Biden, Obama, PelosiParaphrasing President Obama’s first SOTU:

– Americans are tired of partisanship in Congress, with the exception of my partisanship. I can be as partisan as I want, though, including when I give SOTUs.

– Americans are sick of perpetual political campaigns, except for mine, which hasn’t stopped since February 2007 when I announced my intentions to run for President.

– I respect the SCOTUS, except when they make a ruling I don’t like. Then I will dis them during my SOTU and vow to defy them, knowing they can’t respond back. That’s ballsy.

– I want to reach across the aisle to work with Republicans; specifically, those who are on board with my agenda. The rest of them can go to hell.

– I admire the spirit of the American people, even when I am trying to shove a 3rd rate healthcare “reform” plan down their throats – and I will do so with a smile on my face.

– I will lie and misrepresent my record on taxes and spending to the American people, while at the same time praising their courage and determination to make it on the lean budgets they have had to deal with since Bush’s recession started.


For what it’s worth, here’s the transcript.

Other odds and ends: Watch Justice Alito shake his head when Obama dissed the SCOTUS on their campaign finance ruling. The NYT surprisingly fact checks Obama’s assertions about the ruling here. Last night at the SOTU, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was doing what many of us were who were up watching the speech: yawning. He probably does that when he gets recaps from his staff about the calls coming in from concerned constituents, too.

Reax galore are here.

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