Justice Thomas: Now you know why I didn’t attend SOTU

During a speech at Stetson Law School in FL yesterday, SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas explained why he didn’t attend Obama’s SOTU (via the DC Examiner):

GULFPORT (2010-2-2) – During an appearance today at Stetson Law School in Gulfport, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says he intentionally skipped the President’s State of the Union speech last week – and he’s glad he did.

“I don’t go because it has become so partisan, and it’s very uncomfortable for a judge to sit there. And there’s a lot you don’t hear on T.V. – the catcalls, the whooping and hollering, under-the-breath comments,” Thomas said.

“So we decided not to go. Some members continued to go and that’s fine, but one of the consequences is that now the court becomes part of the conversation, if you want to call it that, in the speech,” he said.

Thomas is talking about Justice Samuel Alito’s who shook his head appeared to mouth the words “not true” as the President criticized the court’s recent decision on Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, a decision allowing more corporate money into political campaigns.

Can’t say as I blame either of them – Alito for shaking his head and Thomas for not attending. What kind of President disrespects the SCOTUS in a formal setting, knowing full well that they have no choice but to not respond? Oh, that’s right. This one.

WTSP has more on Justice Thomas’ visit to Stetson Law School here.

12 thoughts on “Justice Thomas: Now you know why I didn’t attend SOTU

  1. The funny thing is they keep blah blah blah’ng about corporations. Citizen’s United is a charitable group. The right thing was done here. McCain/Feingold is crap legislation, and it needs to be stopped. – Lorica

  2. I agree with I.B. The longer Obama is president, the more I realize our founding Fathers were right to have a clause about only natural born citizens as President. – Lorica

  3. @ Tom Sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. A few years back I bought ‘Dreams of My Father’ by Nobama, thinking it would be a good read. Put the book down after chapter two (or it might have been before) and decided that his agenda is nothing close to mine.

    As for Justice Thomas..good job!

    Obama is a coward and a big whiney baby who has some very deep self loathing going on to keep trying to pass the buck the way he does.

  4. The kind of president who disses the SCOTUS in a formal setting is the kind of president we’ve unfortunately got. He is a classless act first and formost, and his ‘hood days tend to surface way too often, making him the thug he at heart really is.

    How much cajones does it take to stand in front of a national audience and diss a group who has absolutely no power to respond? None at all, and that’s how much savoir faire and class the jerk has.

    He is an embarrassment to the office and the people of this country.

    Thomas, on the other hand, is a class act, a real student of law and the Constitution, and an honorable human being, none of which Duh-1 is.

  5. TY Justice Thomas. I always respected you but I didn’t know why you weren’t at the SOTU! Next year I hope none of the SCOTUS attends. **==

  6. Hate to say this, but by next year I hope there’s a videotape of Duh-1 making some kind of backroom deal with the Chinese, Iranians, al Qaida, someone, that is explosive enough that even Reid and Pelousy won’t defend him. Yes, I realize that will leave the brainless motormouth with a well-worn path down his throat in charge, but at least we’ll have a shot at undoing the tremendous damage done to this country already by his very presence.

    And, if that is the case, even Slow Joe wouldn’t be willing to take on the SCOTUS in his SOTU speech. And maybe, just maybe, the elephants will be in charge of Congress by then.

  7. Justice Thomas is a patriot and has more common sense than most! I admire him. The “Messiah” lost his “cool” on camera at the SOTU because the undercurrent was anger, irritation, and frustration. He believed in his own creation! Now that we all know he has no substance, all smoke & mirrors, the game is over!

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