Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech (UPDATE: FNS INTERVIEW VIDEO ADDED)

Posted by: ST on February 7, 2010 at 11:12 am

The highlight of the first-ever Tea Party convention this weekend was the keynote speech delivered by former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

You can watch the Full video of her speech, including the Q&A that took place after it, below:

Jim Hoft, PJM, and Founding Bloggers have some great Palin photos from the convention.

As expected there are a lot of write-ups of both Palin’s speech and the convention on the whole from the right, left, and the MSM. Probably the most humorous – and predictable – series of posts comes from a couple of “writers” at both the HuffPo and Think Progress blogs, who pointed out that Palin had a few words jotted down on her hand during the Q&A. MSDNC, of course, is making that a focal point of Palin’s appearance as I write this. Well, all I can say to that is at least it wasn’t a teleprompter she was reading off of …

She also sat down Saturday during the convention for an interview with Fox News’ Judson Berger. You can read the transcript of the interview – in which she doesn’t rule out a possible 2012 Presidential run – here. Berger’s write-up of the interview is here. She also did another interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, which will air on Fox News Sunday at 2 PM ET. The transcript from that interview can be read here.

Update – 11:39: Here’s what looks to be the full video – in several parts – of the Chris Wallace interview with Palin (via Conservative New Media).

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6 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech (UPDATE: FNS INTERVIEW VIDEO ADDED)”


  1. gsr says:

    I think she did well…..lack of detailed plans? What politician has “detailed plans”, especially in a keynote address? Puhleeze.

    She got a few good jabs in on our Alien in Chief, aka, the pseudo college “professor”, lecturer in chief.

    Laugh as you may, I think Palin has a good chance of dethroning Prince Barry in 2012. The mood of the country will likely favor someone who is plainspoken, has practical, real life work experience, someone who is 100% patriotic American, someone who is full of energy, enthusiastic, optimistic, etc.

    Barry, the left-wing academic-utopian is a downer, man.

  2. Anthony says:

    I watched on C-SPAN last night. It was a good speech, and the contrast between her and Obama couldn’t have been greater: recall the number of times he refers to himself in his speeches, and then note that Palin’s speech was far-and-away mostly about her audience. I don’t think she said “I” or “me” more than a couple of times. There was not a hint of narcissism there.

    She’s getting stronger and more confident on foreign affairs and national security issues, too. This was a marked improvement on earlier times when I’ve heard her address these issues. She only stumbled once that I recall, when she said “Alaska” when she meant “America” during that foreign affairs segment, and she seemed to lose her stride after that for a couple of minutes, but then recovered. Of course, certain public figures we can think of stumble even with a teleprompter, so this was no biggie.

    The speech didn’t change my impressions of her, just reaffirmed them: she “gets it.” She knows what it takes to get a free market economy going and to create jobs; she believes in American greatness and will not apologize to nor take crap from our enemies; and she respects the intent behind the Constitution and the Founding, unlike (again) a certain public figure who thinks it is a deeply flawed document. If she runs for president (and, from this speech I think she likely is), then I’ll happily make calls and knock on doors for her.

    PS: And, yes, she was hawt, too. :x

  3. DaMav says:

    Electrifying — I watched the whole thing live. She is a superb speaker and getting better. The left is spluttering nonsense about ‘paranoid style’, lack of specifics, and has yet to score even a punch.

    I might point out that people who write notes on their palms had better not be nervous — apparently she went the whole 9 rounds without breaking a sweat. Wow!

  4. DINORight says:

    Her speech was fantastic! The Wallace interview was also excellent – she took on attempts Wallace made to hard-hit her and gave it right back, and then some!

    If she is not going to run for POTUS, it will be because either her family says “No” or she has not been called on by the people that she desires to serve, IMHO.

    This woman is a selfless leader, who knows how to run a state, a business, and can take on tough challenges with no fear. We would be blessed to have her.

    ….And the “palm-writing” meme is such a joke. This schtick of “she is so stupid” just won’t work anymore. If this is all they’ve got, then they are DONE. :d

  5. rod stanton says:

    I watched courtesy of PJTV. II thought it was a fantastic speech! But I have been a fan of Michell Malkin of over a decade. Sarah said most of the things Michell has been saying the last 2 years. She even repeated the title of Michelle’s column a year ago 3 different times in the speech – “Generational Theft”

    Glenn + Helen were both favorably impressed which surprised me as much as the criticisms and derogatory comments today from the MSM. Sarah scares the sh*t out of lefties – both in the GOP and in the MSM. They are all just sh*tless today; faces are ashen with fear! Which tells you they know she will win if she runs in 12!

  6. Carlos says:

    After suffering the fool two years now, can anyone tell me what specifics of policy Duh-1 has brought forth in any speech? Automatically you can eliminate 3/4 of his speech time because it centered on himself and how wonderful he is, 22% centered on blaming GWB, so out of the 3% left, what specifics has he, in over two years, come up with?

    That’s what I thought.