Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech (UPDATE: FNS INTERVIEW VIDEO ADDED)

The highlight of the first-ever Tea Party convention this weekend was the keynote speech delivered by former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

You can watch the Full video of her speech, including the Q&A that took place after it, below:

Jim Hoft, PJM, and Founding Bloggers have some great Palin photos from the convention.

As expected there are a lot of write-ups of both Palin’s speech and the convention on the whole from the right, left, and the MSM. Probably the most humorous – and predictable – series of posts comes from a couple of “writers” at both the HuffPo and Think Progress blogs, who pointed out that Palin had a few words jotted down on her hand during the Q&A. MSDNC, of course, is making that a focal point of Palin’s appearance as I write this. Well, all I can say to that is at least it wasn’t a teleprompter she was reading off of …

She also sat down Saturday during the convention for an interview with Fox News’ Judson Berger. You can read the transcript of the interview – in which she doesn’t rule out a possible 2012 Presidential run – here. Berger’s write-up of the interview is here. She also did another interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, which will air on Fox News Sunday at 2 PM ET. The transcript from that interview can be read here.

Update – 11:39: Here’s what looks to be the full video – in several parts – of the Chris Wallace interview with Palin (via Conservative New Media).

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