Surprise, surprise: Vengeful plane crasher being compared to “Tea Partiers” (UPDATE: TIME MAGAZINE JOINS IN ON THE ACTION)

Posted by: ST on February 18, 2010 at 6:20 pm


Joseph Stack was angry at the Internal Revenue Service, and he took his rage out on it by slamming his single-engine plane into the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas. We now know this thanks to the rather clear (as rants go) suicide note Stack left behind. There’s no information yet on whether he was involved in any anti-government groups or whether he was a lone wolf. But after reading his 34-paragraph screed, I am struck by how his alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.

A friend of mine told me that MSDNC’s coverage centered around the fact that there was “a lot of anger out there.”

If they’d actually bothered to read Stack’s full “explanation” (h/t Memeorandum) for why he did what he did, then they’d see that this guy could have just as easily been a left wing nutcase as he could a right wing nutcase. Yeah, he obviously hated the IRS but he also deplored capitalism and the lack of adequate healthcare (among other things). That hasn’t stopped the WaPo nor MSDNC nor the AP from focusing primarily on the anti-IRS part of his screed so as to make him out to be yet another post-Obama election right wing “wacko.”

They’re also doing it with the Alabama professor who killed three of her colleagues last Friday and injured three others in a shooting spree even though it’s clear she was/is a far left nutcase. But why let a little thing called “the facts” get in the way of a good smearathon?

These people are so freaking predictable. 8-|

Update – 6:56 PM: I see Time Magazine didn’t waste any time falsely linking Stack with the Tea Party movement.

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14 Responses to “Surprise, surprise: Vengeful plane crasher being compared to “Tea Partiers” (UPDATE: TIME MAGAZINE JOINS IN ON THE ACTION)”


  1. donny says:

    Is the Obama administration going to read this guy his rights now?

  2. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    I really truly try not to let anything like the media get me riled up(but it doesn’t work. The simple fact that my family won’t watch the news with me because I yell might be a factor). These so called experts who theorize do so without any expertise only trying to add fuel to the fire. These idiots shouldn’t be allowed to fill the minds of simple people who actually believe them. Journalists should be sanctioned for their offending opinions when they try to pass them off as fact. What riles me up even more is that they don’t rectify their opinions with the true facts. They make assumptions in order to fuel the already blazing fire.

  3. James says:

    If Jeremiah Wright blew up a synagogue tomorrow they would call him a “right wing terrorist from the Tea parties”

  4. Annielou says:

    Have they read the stuff that he wrote?? Of course not. Anything bad they just automatically try to link to those “tea party folks.” In reality he was all in favor of the government taking care of his healthcare, etc. For the most part he believes the opposite of the tea parties.

  5. Terrye says:

    You are right, they are so freaking predictable.

  6. Milton Quaffalot says:

    Is there any chance this guy also killed the Census worker in Kentucky?

  7. Tom TB says:

    Joe Stack complained about “The recent presidential puppet GW Bush and his cronies in their eight years..” Most likely he voted for Obama! There is nothing new about politically biased media spin. Lee Harvey Oswald had defected to the Soviet Union, supported Fidel Castro, and was a member of the ACLU, yet some still want to make it a vast right-wing conspiricy.

  8. Stack also complained about the healthcare system and the failure to enact reform, which of course is a liberal cause:

    “…at the same time, the joke we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies, are murdering tens of thousands of people a year and stealing from the corpses and victims they cripple, and this country’s leaders don’t see this as important as bailing out a few of their vile, rich cronies.”

    I think the most honest reading is that Stack was just a nut with a whole variety of greviances.

  9. Kate says:

    How convenient for the lame stream media to make him a tea party reform “nut”…..they are being very editorial in their use of his rant and cutting out the fact that he was a man with a lot of “issues” many of which they would normally side with. We all need to step back and see the whole picture not jump to conclusions five minutes after something like this happens. Whatever happened to getting all the details and reporting all the news? Did they throw that out at in the Journalism 101 class at Harvard?

  10. Lorica says:

    The Tea Party Movement is the latest Lee Harvey Oswald “Patsy” for the idiot media. Anything they can do to pin the worst situations on to this movement they will. This is why so many of us stop watching/reading/listening to these buffoons. But it is fun to watch. – Lorica

  11. Ultimately, history will show that members of the MSM are literally the authors of their own institutions’ demise.

  12. Carlos says:

    Never let a good crisis go to waste, and never let facts get in your way.

  13. I trolled around liberal blogs for about an hour and wasted my time battling these ‘he was a tea party supporter’ comments and stories. I don’t even think they really even believe the facts- they don’t seem interested in them- they only want to win and project their version to win.