The “healthcare reform summit”

Sorry I’m late to the party – I’m off from the 8-5 today and didn’t want to get up early for the sake of the farcical summit now currently underway, which you can watch below:

Six hours of this? You’ve got to be kidding me. Frankly, I’d rather have watched the Beer Summit for six hours over this nonsense.

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll shows that most Americans agree with me, that nothing will come out of this summit.

Malkin’s taking one for the team today by liveblogging events. God bless her.

I’ll be tweeting about it on and off.

5 thoughts on “The “healthcare reform summit”

  1. Senator lunch at health care summit. I had to pay for my soup and sandwich today while I was paying for them at the same time through my taxes:

    Hot Lunch: Chicken with vegetables and spinach or Grilled SalmonRice and Seasonal Vegetables
    Cold Lunch: Salads, smoked turkey or grilled tenderloin.

  2. I caught bits and pieces of it.
    But the O’s wrapup at the end was one of those Captain Queeg moments. I was waiting for him to pull out the ball-bearings and start talking about strawberries and geometric logic and such.
    Other than that, mostly a pitiful showcase of grandstanding for the cameras – especially from Norma “Botox” Desmond.

  3. What I learned from the little I watched: Obama doesn’t want to understand that the Executive branch of OUR government is equal to the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. It’s as if he thinks he would be a great President, if all these people wouldn’t keep getting in HIS way!

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